NetSPI Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) platform demo

Only 20 percent of common attack behaviors are caught by EDR, SIEM, and MSSP out-of-the-box solutions. Contrary to what many BAS vendors and technology providers claim, 100% detection does not exist. So, how can we improve our security controls to detect attacks across the kill chain better? With breach and cyber-attack simulations.

BAS is a centralized detective control platform that enables organizations to create and execute customized procedures using purpose-built technology and professional pentesters. Our simulations replicate real-world attack behaviors, allowing organizations to test their detective controls in a way that no other solution can.

With NetSPI’s BAS solution, security teams can:

Evaluate Detective Controls: Measure the effectiveness of your security controls and identify gaps with customizable procedures run by our manual pentesting teams.

Educate Security Operations Teams: With access to dashboards that serve real-time updates, allowing you to track and trend your security posture easily, benchmark against industry competitors, and visualize your ROI.

Execute With Confidence: Utilize the centralized platform, expert testing teams, and proven testing methodology to enable your security operation teams and implement fact-based decision-making to improve resilience from adversarial attacks where it is needed most.

Ready to continuously simulate real-world attack behaviors, not just IoCs, and put your detective controls to the test in a way no other organization can? See BAS in action or schedule a 1:1 meeting with the NetSPI BAS team to get started.

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