vCISO Directory helps SMBs manage their cybersecurity

The industry’s first-ever directory of virtual CISO (vCISO) service providers has gone live. This list of vCISO providers means that SMBs can tap the expertise of qualified cybersecurity professionals to protect their digital assets and ensure compliance.

vCISO Directory

To help organizations shore up their cyberdefenses, MSPs, MSSPs, and consultancies have developed vCISO services. They enable businesses to avail themselves of the expertise and skills of a professional CISO to improve their cybersecurity posture, while only paying for an agreed scope of work, usually a fraction of the cost of an in-house security expert. Cynomi is making it simple for businesses to access this expanding pool of resources.

At launch, the vCISO directory contains more than 200 listings of U.S.-based providers, details on the specific services they offer and the technology platforms they use to guide and implement their security strategies. The directory will be continually updated and expanded globally to incorporate international providers.

“Thousands of small and mid-sized businesses globally could benefit from the expertise and support of a traditional CISO, but on a more consultative or part-time basis”, said David Primor, co-founder and CEO of Cynomi. “This is where the vCISO services come in. Our new directory enables businesses to find all vCISO service providers in one place and make an informed choice between the different benefits of the many providers available.”

“Couple of years back we weren’t prioritizing our cybersecurity services, but then we started getting consistent security-as-a-service requests,” said Chris Bevil, CISO of InfoSystems, an MSP located in Tennessee, U.S.A. “We realized that setting up a robust vCISO offering was in our best business interest. In the present climate, this has been a significant boost to our business and positioned us as a leading MSP in our region.”

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