Index Engines CyberSense 8.3 identifies malicious changes indicative of cyberattack

Index Engines announced CyberSense 8.3, which features several user experience updates highlighted by additional metrics after a ransomware attack is detected, a new setup wizard and system configuration interface.

CyberSense 8.3

CyberSense scans backup data and snapshots to validate their integrity and identify malicious changes indicative of cyberattack. When an attack occurs, CyberSense provides forensic reporting to diagnose and recover to normal business operations.

CyberSense’s user interface displays rich details on every attack, including the nature of the attack (e.g., strong encryption with known ransomware extension), suspect files (i.e., files with indications of ransomware corruption), file metadata, etc.

In release 8.3, CyberSense will expand this to report on all files – not merely suspect files – that were added, deleted and modified across all hosts within the backup sets for that alert. This enables the user to view, at a glance, the scope of the attack.

“Our customers’ primary focus is securing their data center and having a last line of defense, which is CyberSense,” said Jim McGann, VP of Index Engines. “Along with providing them unmatched confidence that they can trust their data and recover when necessary, we want to provide them with a superior, intuitive user experience. 8.3 gets us closer to that goal, but we are always raising the bar.”

CyberSense 8.3 also adds a 5-step setup wizard where new customers can easily upload their license, manage their index and customize alerts.

New and existing customers can also check various system settings on the new Configure interface which also offers the option to modify the current settings that were configured during the initial setup process. Prior to this release, configuration of these settings were located on various screens.

Also, in CyberSense 8.3:

  • Support for Hyper-V VM backups on Dell Networker
  • Support for SAP HANA on Commvault
  • New Syslog enhancements that allow integration with Splunk and other SIEM products for streamlined reporting of potential attacks

CyberSense 8.3 is available now to Index Engines OEM partners.

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