Total Assure launches to provide SMBs with managed security services

Total Assure announced its spinout from IBSS. Total Assure partners with its customers to identify security gaps, develop attainable cybersecurity objectives, and deliver comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that protect their businesses from modern cybersecurity threats.

On account of the cybersecurity talent shortage and the high cost of best-of-breed cybersecurity technologies, SMB businesses have been struggling to protect themselves from cyber threat actors, who are increasingly targeting their organizations.

Total Assure provides cost-efficient, comprehensive, and scalable cybersecurity solutions that leverage 30 years of experience and expertise from IBSS.

“Whenever I speak with my peers, other CEOs of small to medium-sized businesses, I hear a similar issue. They simply aren’t able to afford cybersecurity products and services, and are struggling to recruit qualified cybersecurity practitioners,” said Bruce Arvand, CEO of Total Assure.

“Protecting your business from cyberthreats is complicated and requires specialized talent. We architected Total Assure specifically to help my peers protect their businesses at a matching price point and the required high level of customer service. I believe that Total Assure is well positioned to quickly become the leader in managed security services for small to medium-sized enterprises,” added Arvand.

By removing security gaps, continually monitoring devices, and blocking malicious emails, Total Assure successfully stops cyber threats before they cause damage to businesses, their reputations, and their customers. Total Assure’s cybersecurity services include:

Managed Security Services: Total Assure offers a variety of Managed Security Services. These include Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Managed Email Security, and Vulnerability Management (VM). These services are designed to help SMBs achieve enterprise-level security, so they’re able to stay ahead of the ever-evolving cybersecurity threat landscape.

Cybersecurity engineering services: Total Assure’s engineering services include the architecture, design, integration, and deployment of cybersecurity technologies on a consultative basis in order to develop detective and protective cybersecurity programs that are engineered and tailored to address the organization’s specific cyber threats and risks.

Governance, risk, and compliance services: Total Assure partners with clients to uncover their cybersecurity, compliance, and privacy risks in order to identify remediating actions, develop governance frameworks to support cybersecurity initiatives, and build out tailor-made programs to help them comply with relevant privacy laws and regulations.

“Total Assure is poised to grow by leaps and bounds,” said Bruce Arvand. “IBSS’ 30 years of service and expertise in IT and security consulting allows us to focus relentlessly on customer service, success, and outcomes. I’m proud of the Total Assure team and am excited to see our business accelerate over the coming months.”

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