DirectDefense partners with SCADAfence to strengthen industrial cybersecurity

DirectDefense announced its partnership with SCADAfence to enhance industrial cybersecurity and safeguard OT Networks in the era of IIoT.

The SCADAfence Platform enables critical infrastructure and manufacturing organizations with complex Operational Technology (OT) networks to embrace the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by reducing cyber risks and mitigating operational threats.

With the rise of the IIoT, OT devices are becoming more interconnected, allowing for enhanced automation and remote monitoring. While these technologies offer operational optimization and cost-cutting benefits, they also increase connectivity and complexity, making OT networks vulnerable to cyber-attacks and human error.

The traditional approach of relying on network segmentation or isolation for security is no longer effective due to the interconnectedness of OT, IT, and other networks. Traditional OT security projects, which involve initial assessment, architectural design, and implementation of security measures, leave the network exposed to risks for extended periods.

“Amid the escalating challenges presented by the proliferation of connected devices, managing and securing IIoT environments has grown increasingly complex,” stated Jim Broome, CTO of DirectDefense.

“For organizations operating in manufacturing and critical infrastructure industries, where a mere five-minute factory shutdown necessitates involvement from the CEO and could lead to millions of dollars in revenue loss or supply chain disruption, the stakes are unbelievably high. This partnership combines SCADAfence’s robust ICS/SCADA network security with our 24×7 SOC and Connected Systems support, empowering organizations to fortify their security posture and enhance their ability to withstand cyber threats,” added Broome.

The SCADAfence Platform addresses the pressing challenge of securing ICS/SCADA networks. By leveraging advanced algorithms, machine learning, and AI, it automatically discovers assets, detects anomalies, and identifies security risks that can compromise the availability and reliability of OT networks.

The platform enables enhanced security assessment by automating risk analysis and generating detailed reports. It also facilitates efficient architecture design through accurate network visibility and insights into traffic patterns. Ongoing monitoring reduces the risk of cyber-attacks and minimizes incident response time, ensuring the continuous protection of industrial networks and assets at an affordable cost.

“Early implementation of SCADAfence can significantly mitigate risks and facilitate the assessment, design, and implementation of OT cybersecurity processes,” stated Paul Smith, CTO at SCADAfence. “Protecting and securing OT environments from emerging threats has become a key priority for the industrial sector. We are excited to partner with DirectDefense to equip businesses with the tools and expertise needed to navigate the complexities of IIoT and ensure the secure operation of their industrial systems.”

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