Egress defends users against phishing threats with adaptive security capability

Egress launched adaptive security for its Intelligent Email Security platform, providing dynamic and automated protection against advanced inbound and outbound threats, transforming the way in which organizations manage human risk on email.

Egress CEO Tony Pepper comments: “Almost every organization freely admits that people represent the biggest risk to their security and are most vulnerable when using email. By implementing an adaptive security architecture, we can continually assess human risk on a per user basis and automatically dial enforcement up or down depending on the level of the potential threat.”

Egress generates aggregated individual risk scores by augmenting product telemetry, open-source intelligence, and behavioral data with threat data taken from any third-party security application via a two-way open API.

When a score reaches a higher risk threshold, products in the Intelligent Email Security platform will automatically adapt their controls to defend against advanced phishing threats, human error, and data exfiltration.

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Inbound and outbound email security: As adaptive security takes a proactive approach to managing human risk, Egress’ innovation will empower organizations to automatically adjust their email security controls in the areas that need it most. Consequently, Egress’ customers are best prepared to defend against new or emerging threats.
  • Increased speed to response: The dialing up or down of enforcement will occur instantaneously as an individual’s risk score rises or falls below their organization’s threshold.
  • Automation that eliminates administrative management: Correlating and analyzing data in real-time provides aggregated risk scores specific to each individual. Using this intelligence, tailored security controls are automatically applied, resulting in no administrative overhead.
  • Data-driven intelligence provides enhanced, accurate visibility into threat trends: Using multiple data sources unlocks a new, more accurate way to assess and manage human risk. Risk trends, threat intelligence, and actionable insights will be surfaced via the Egress Security Center, including recommendations for managing human risk within an organization’s wider security ecosystem.
  • Improve security awareness through real-time nudges: Once a threat has been neutralized by the platform, Egress also uses a combination of dynamic color-coded banners and configurable prompts to help educate and train employees. As part of the adaptive security implementation, these real-time nudges are automatically tailored to each individual based on level of risk at that moment in time.

Pepper continues: “An organization’s risk profile is never static, so their email security shouldn’t be either. To date, Egress has used the latest advances in AI and machine learning to detect and prevent advanced inbound and outbound threats in Microsoft 365. Today’s announcement is a natural evolution of this capability, bringing a predictive layer to email security so organizations can proactively manage human risk and prepare themselves for new and emerging threats before they have even materialized.”

Adaptive security as part of the Intelligent Email Security platform is now available for organizations worldwide. Existing Egress customers will benefit from this update free of charge.

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