CompTIA DataSys+ program provides resources for database management skills

CompTIA released the CompTIA DataSys+ program, a comprehensive set of resources for learning and skills validation for IT professionals in search of database management skills.

The CompTIA DataSys+ program covers all aspects of database administration, including deployment, management, and maintenance of systems. The program emphasizes the importance of scripting and programming in a database environment, while also incorporating security and business continuity best practices.

“With CompTIA DataSys+, technology professionals can enhance their database management skills and gain a competitive edge in the job market,” said Thomas Reilly, CPO for CompTIA. “Employers can rely on this certification to validate the skills of candidates and ensure they have the expertise needed to excel in their roles.”

What sets CompTIA DataSys+ apart from other skills development and verification options is its vendor-neutral approach to data management systems. The program also offers candidates a variety of learning options, including self-paced or instructor-led courses, online or hybrid formats, and comprehensive or focused content based on individual needs. Hands-on practice opportunities are also abundant, allowing candidates to gain practical experience before taking the certification exam.

For employers, CompTIA DataSys+ provides a reliable framework for skills acquisition and validation. Whether they are seeking new talent or looking to develop existing employees, this program offers a standardized skill set and proof of competency. With the increasing quantity of data available to organizations, skilled database administrators are crucial for overseeing, maintaining, and protecting this valuable asset. CompTIA DataSys+ ensures that these professionals are equipped with the necessary skills to excel in their roles.

The certification exam for CompTIA DataSys+ covers five domains, validating skills in scripting and programming, implementing security best practices, and utilizing business continuity strategies.

Candidates can prepare for the exam using various learning resources provided by CompTIA:

  • CertMaster Learn offers a comprehensive eLearning environment with videos, assessments, and performance-based questions.
  • CertMaster Labs provide hands-on experience in configuring technologies.
  • CertMaster Practice assesses knowledge and identifies areas for improvement.

In addition to these resources, CompTIA also offers official study guides and books for self-paced learning. The Official CompTIA Content (OCC) is designed to help learners master the material and prepare for their certification exam at their own pace.

CompTIA DataSys+ is the second data-related certification from CompTIA. CompTIA Data+ was introduced in 2022 and a future certification focusing on data science is in development.

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