Clear Skye IGA 5.0 optimizes identity security and business processes on ServiceNow

Clear Skye launched Clear Skye IGA 5.0, the company’s most significant product release to date. An identity security and governance solution built natively on the ServiceNow Platform, 5.0 enables businesses to simplify workflows, increase productivity, and improve the overall user experience (UX), all while strengthening their security posture.

The company has achieved this through improvements to its access review and request functionality, the introduction of a new review framework and access approval plans, and streamlined integration for disconnected systems. Notable features include:

Application access requests on the native service portal: End users can now request access at the point of need and application owners can publish their own application and access roles, improving speed of approvals and governance thereby eliminating the burden on IT teams.

Expanded access review types and actions: Customized review actions and a new review framework replace traditional, binary access reviews with only the option to accept or remove access. This improves the efficacy of the certification process and reduces the risk of rubber stamp certifications.

Reusable request approval logic: Approval logic can be built and reused across multiple applications and environments, saving time on configuration and reducing human error. All approval plans are centrally located for easy management and can include logic built using ServiceNow’s low-code flow designer.

“By providing a unified experience through a single control point for all applications and ITSM processes, the need to manage multiple, siloed identity and security solutions is virtually eliminated,” said John Milburn, CEO, Clear Skye. “With Clear Skye IGA 5.0 and the familiar ServiceNow interface employees already know, businesses can ensure easy adoption, increase business visibility across the organization, and secure identity at the pace of digital transformation, all through their existing platform investment.”

It’s clear IT leaders are realizing the value of a platform approach to identity. According to research from TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group, 50% of enterprises plan to integrate IGA with business process automation over the next 12-18 months. While rapid digital transformation has enabled business acceleration, it’s also left enterprises with new security and operational challenges that legacy identity solutions, homegrown systems, and manual processes are simply not equipped to handle.

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