SeeMetrics Security Performance Boards empowers CISOs to validate security programs

SeeMetrics launched its new Security Performance Boards. Organized by security domains, the new Security Performance Boards are a collection of out-of-the box metrics that empower security leaders to measure the performance of their technologies, processes, and people in real time.

Security Performance Boards

SeeMetrics is the first ever data platform that drives cybersecurity performance assessment directly from the operational stack and “inside the perimeter”.

With SeeMetrics’ Security Performance Boards, cybersecurity executives and operational teams gain a centralized and business-aligned view of measurements, metrics, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which shows trends, risks, and historical context.

The SeeMetrics boards help to build a proactive and preventative approach to detecting emerging risks and gaps. Among SeeMetrics’ Security Performance Boards are Vulnerability Management, Endpoint Protection, Identity Management, Mail Security, Security Awareness, and Incident Response.

Today, the vast majority of CISOs are required to prove the value of their security programs and tool stack. They are expected to quickly answer questions around performance, progress, and budget. Adding to the complexity is the increasing size of their security stack — the average global organization has more than 29 security solutions in place, constituting a mostly unmanageable situation due to the massive amounts of data generated nonstop.

Whereas other C-suite leaders such as those of finance, sales, and marketing are already using integrated data platforms such as CRM and ERP, most CISOs, CIOs and security leaders have yet to adopt a centralized tool that streamlines data points from dozens of operational security tools into an executive view. This means they are left without the ability to instantly know the state of their operations, what is trending, what has changed, which capabilities are currently missing, overlapping or underperforming, and how that impacts the overall performance.

SeeMetrics’ new Boards provide a bird’s eye view of overall capabilities and security tools and also come with explorable depth: behind every Board is drill-down data that is trackable back to its source. The Boards make cybersecurity goals and progress quantifiable and more visible to immediate decision makers, along with helping security leaders to communicate in a relatable language on progress and trends to different stakeholders such as executives and board members.

“SeeMetrics’ new Security Performance Boards proactively provide insights to CISOs seeking to answer common questions such as ‘How are my policies trending?,’ ‘How well are we performing compared to last quarter?’ or ‘How is our MTTR trending in the US versus Europe?’”, says Shirley Salzman, CEO of SeeMetrics.

“With data driven directly from the enterprise’s security stack, SeeMetrics’ Boards allow security leaders to communicate performance based on clearly-defined KPIs and in the context of historical trends, relieving security leaders who, so far, have had to base their evaluations on either external assessments or offline data. The Security Performance Boards aim not only to streamline data for management purposes but also to assist security leaders to close a long-standing communication gap between themselves, their operations teams, and business managers,” added Salzman.

“Security measurements are essential to helping us understand how well our tools, and therefore how our security programs, are performing,” says Sounil Yu, Author of Cyber Defense Matrix and advisor to SeeMetrics. “SeeMetrics’ introduction of Security Performance Boards is an exciting milestone in the evolution of cybersecurity metrics, giving us security leaders a practical, tangible, and insightful way to really understand with confidence how our stack is performing in real time and on a continuous basis.”

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