Cyborg Security integrates REST API into HUNTER Platform

Cyborg Security announced the introduction of a REST API into its HUNTER Platform. This new feature is designed to supercharge organizations’ threat hunting capabilities by automating key processes and workflows.

“Since our inception, Cyborg Security has been committed to building, growing, and maturing organizations’ threat hunting capabilities through advanced, behavior-based, fully contextualized, and curated hunt packages,” says Dave Amsler, CEO of Cyborg Security. “The integration of the API into the HUNTER Platform represents a significant evolution in our offerings. Not only does it allow our customers to hunt faster and more consistently, it provides them with all the information necessary to succeed in their hunt operations.”

With the integration of the REST API, threat hunting teams can expedite their research and discovery phases, significantly reducing their time to hunt. Early adopters, participating in the design partnership phase, are already creating innovative use cases with the newly published APIs.

These use cases include automating the discovery of Cyborg’s HUNTER hunt packages based on threat intelligence reports or feeds, enriching organizations’ threat intelligence with contextual intelligence from Cyborg’s hunt packages, and automating the deployment of Emulation & Validation packages based on flagged intelligence mapped to the HUNTER hunt packages.

Amsler adds, “Our HUNTER hunt packages not only include the operational query logic for various security tools but also contain detailed descriptions and documentation. The integration of the REST API into our HUNTER Platform brings this invaluable intelligence to the fingertips of Hunt Teams, Intelligence, IR and Security Operations Centers. Automating the deployment of our Emulation & Validation packages enables teams to quickly understand their risk and any potential gaps in threat visibility. This decreases the time to action by hunt teams and SOC members alike, significantly enhancing their ability to respond to threats.”

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