Mobb automates vulnerability remediations with AI-powered technology

Mobb announced its AI-powered technology that automates vulnerability remediations to significantly reduce security backlogs and free developers to focus on innovation.

Mobb ingests SAST results from various scanning tools and automatically fixes code, while keeping the developers informed during the process to instill trust and ensure accuracy.

“We built technology that automatically fixes vulnerabilities in applications, in a way that is trusted by developers and security teams. All the steps and interactions are captured by our AI fix engine to actively improve accuracy and fix coverage, and provide a fix assurance score that validates the stability of each remediation,” said Mobb CTO Jonthan Afek.

Most vulnerability tools focus on alerting or reporting threats, but Mobb provides accurate, achievable remediation to remove the threats. Mobb’s technology combines the power of AI with industry best practices and proprietary expertise. After a first-party code scan is run, Mobb inspects the details of each vulnerability reported. Then the fix engine, which includes static code analysis, deterministic security algorithms and AI, is run to locate vulnerable code and generate fixes based on security best practices.

While remediating an issue, Mobb will identify if the code or report is missing specific data points needed to ensure a fix is accurate. If gaps are found, developers are prompted to add the missing context. Each time a remediation is made, the AI in the fix engine becomes more informed and enriched, continuously improving fixes and increasing coverage across issue types, frameworks and languages.

Over the next few months, Mobb will also be making improvements to its AI-powered fix engine to increase available remediations, continuously improve accuracy, and support additional languages.

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