Armis partners with Security Risk Advisors to protect cyber physical systems

Armis announced a strategic partnership with international cybersecurity consulting firm, Security Risk Advisors (SRA).

This collaboration empowers joint customers as both organizations leverage their respective areas of expertise to secure operational technology (OT) and protect cyber physical systems (CPS).

As operational technology continues to become more connected, the responsibility of monitoring and securing these assets is increasingly crucial to protect business continuity, supply chain, and consumers.

“We’re extremely proud to work with such incredible global partners, including SRA,” said Tim Mackie, VP Worldwide Channels, Biz Dev and Alliances, Armis. “SRA’s specialized security services combined with our technology and expertise immensely benefit our shared customers. We’re happy to formalize this partnership and to work closely together to better protect critical cyber physical systems.”

Armis offers the industry’s most comprehensive asset intelligence platform providing unified asset visibility and superior security for organizations that need to protect against unseen operational and cyber risks, increase efficiencies, optimize use of resources and safely innovate with new technologies to grow.

“The most likely cause for not getting product to patients is a potential incident where a cyberattack takes a plant down and renders the computer-driven devices unusable,” said Mike Towers, Chief Security and Trust Officer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals. “We primarily deployed Armis for this use case—to improve our supply continuity and the resiliency of our overall manufacturing process. At Takeda, nothing comes before making sure that we get our medicines to patients, and Armis is one of the key contributors to making sure that we can do that.”

“Our mission is to help our clients build cybersecurity resilience in their CPS/OT ecosystem and our partnership with Armis helps with just that,” said Jason Rivera, Director, Cyber Physical Systems/OT Security, Security Risk Advisors. “This partnership with Armis enables us to better protect our clients by having a constant pulse on assets and potential risks to their environments. Their platform allows us to be more proactive about CPS/OT security measures and have a better reactive grasp on security events and incidents. We’re narrowing the gap between Armis’ industry-leading technology and organizations who need to grow their CPS/OT security capabilities.”

SRA is a member of the Armis Partner Experience (APEX) program. The mission of this program is to build long-term, strategic relationships between Armis and its partners, and to foster collaboration to serve customers in the best way possible.

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