Cyble raises $24 million to enhance its AI-driven security solutions

Cyble has been steadily gaining recognition as the favored solution for Dark Web and Threat Intelligence among cybersecurity specialists. They just announced a $24 million injection of capital through Series B funding.

The funding round, co-led by Blackbird Ventures and King River Capital with participation from Spider Capital, January Capital, Summit Peak Ventures, and others, will fuel Cyble’s technical roadmap, particularly in enhancing its AI-driven security solutions and furthering its global expansion.

New investor Zeb Rice, co-founder at King River Capital and the newest member on the Cyble board, commented, “From our extensive work in AI over the last 15 years, it’s evident Cyble is deploying this groundbreaking tech in a way that is revolutionizing cyber security. Its platform can identify and guard against diverse threats from across the web on an unprecedented scale. And the growth and caliber of its customer base stand testament to the global recognition from companies needing best-in-class protection in an ever-evolving and intricate digital landscape. We’re delighted to partner with Cyble at such a pivotal time.”

Returning investor, Blackbird Ventures’ Tom Humphrey, says, “Cyble’s growth has been remarkable to observe. In just a year’s time, the company has seen its team double in size, its customer base surge almost fourfold, and its footprint expand into the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. Beenu and Manish have emerged as leaders and built a strong leadership team around them.”

With employees based in 11 countries and a headcount growth of 29.9% this year, according to IT-Harvest, Cyble’s global influence extends across developed and emerging markets. Cyble has built customized threat intelligence solutions for everything from government entities to Fortune 50 companies to agile startups.

Talking about the Series B funding, the founders, alumni of Columbia Business School and London Business School, expressed their views.

Beenu Arora, Cyble’s CEO, says, “This investment is a testament to the hard work our team has been investing to execute toward our vision. At Cyble, our mission is bold: to democratize cybersecurity. Through innovative solutions like Cyble Vision, Cyble Hawk, AmIBreached, Cyble Odin, and The Cyber Express, we aim to ensure the path to digital safety is accessible to all. As Artificial Intelligence continues to evolve, so do the imperatives of cyber defense. At Cyble, we are committed to providing businesses and individuals with the most advanced insights and AI tools needed to secure their digital territories.”

Manish Chachada, Cyble’s COO, added, “Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a surge in global cyber warfare has underscored the crucial need for companies to heighten their security measures and monitor dark web activities. Threat Intelligence has never been more important.”

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