CISO Global enhances Argo platform to improve real-time security decision making

CISO Global has strengthened its security management platform Argo to increase the effectiveness of security teams who now can access real-time data across tool sets to make better informed decisions.

The platform is able to aggregate data in real time from a client’s entire environment, including network asset information, currently deployed cyber tools, security operations center (SOC) services, vulnerability management, secure managed IT and penetration testing data. Using information from across all cyber tools and services, enterprises can build individual risk profiles for each network asset to better prioritize cybersecurity threats based on asset value.

Argo seeks to address multiple concerns of today’s enterprises. CISO Global experts have found many organizations complain of a lack of time, understaffing, overwhelming task lists, too many tools and ongoing security incidents. Rates of attack supported their concerns of ineffectiveness in what they were doing. One of the major contributors to the problem, observed CISO’s consultants, was the fact that IT directors and security managers are often forced to make somewhat blind decisions, due to system, operational and data silos.

Argo was designed to provide relief for enterprises experiencing cybersecurity overload that can lead to cyber ineffectiveness. The platform helps clients better understand their entire cybersecurity program through dynamic visualizations.

“With ongoing increases to cyberattack frequency, impact, and costs of an average breach, it’s very clear that the cybersecurity industry is suffering from a widespread ineffectiveness problem,” said CTO Jerald Dawkins, Ph.D., CISO Global. “Argo seeks to address that issue by aggregating and curating security data from across the enterprise to not only provide context for metrics, but to pull the right information, making it actionable for our clients’ internal decision makers.”

Argo Security Management is currently in use with many CISO clients and supports CISO Global’s end-to-end portfolio of solutions, incorporating both proprietary IP and data from a host of trusted partners. The platform currently integrates with and visualizes data from Azure Sentinel, AlienVault, Chronicle SOAR (formerly Siemplify), SentinelOne, Microsoft Defender, Stellar Cyber, Nucleus, Nessus, SecPod Technologies, Datto, Veeam, KnowB4, ZenGRC, and Autotask.

While Argo is extremely powerful in its existing state, the company is heavily focused on expanding data ingestion capabilities, applying data science to cybersecurity data, as well as research and development of AI in the cybersecurity space. The Intellectual Property for Argo Security Management is an essential part of the company’s growing portfolio.

“To be effective, security leaders and IT directors need actionable information,” said CISO Global CEO David Jemmett. “You would never make expensive decisions in any other part of your business without evidence. Yet, CISOs all over the world have to base decisions on limited data visibility, and it’s making their jobs much more challenging than they need to be. The average enterprise has over 75 security toolsets, meaning they’re toggling between dozens of reports, dashboards, and portals. And, all those visualizations were designed by vendors to promote use of their own tools. We are changing that, to empower our clients to significantly increase their effectiveness in protecting their critical data assets, which is a huge issue for today’s enterprise.”

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