Datadog Intelligent Test Runner helps organizations allocate their cloud expenses

Datadog introduces the Intelligent Test Runner, helping development teams save time, minimize failures and optimize costs.

Traditional testing solutions run the entirety of a test suite against every code change, regardless of how small and isolated a change might be. This approach results in both lost productivity while developers wait for tests to complete before making further changes and higher costs as each test takes up compute resources, even for those tests that are irrelevant.

Intelligent Test Runner solves these problems by automatically selecting and running only the tests that are relevant to code changes. By eliminating the need to run the entire test suite, the product improves CI pipeline execution time and reliability, boosts developer productivity and reduces CI costs. By reducing spend on irrelevant and flaky tests—and not committing compute resources to tests on minor code changes—Intelligent Test Runner helps organizations more efficiently allocate their cloud expenses.

“Developers are often waiting on tests to complete, which slows down organizations’ SDLCs and their ability to ship new features or bug fixes. This process becomes even more cumbersome when there are irrelevant flaky tests that end up failing and taking up additional time,” said Borja Burgos, Director of Product at Datadog.

“Intelligent Test Runner helps customers increase release velocity by reducing the CI/CD time from hours to minutes in many cases so that teams can test and launch features quicker. As a Test Impact Analysis tool that can be used in any major CI provider, organizations don’t have to adopt a new CI/CD platform in order to benefit from Intelligent Test Runner,” added Burgos.

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