ComplyCube ID Liveness Layer combats screen replay attacks

ComplyCube has enhanced its Document Authentication service to counter ‘screen replay attacks’, where scammers attempt to use IDs displayed on digital screens for illicit access to products and services.

ComplyCube ID Liveness Layer

The announcement arrives in the context of a rise in identity fraud, propelled by advancements in AI-powered image manipulation tools. In the US, an identity theft case occurs every 22 seconds, while in the UK, identity fraud accounts for almost 70% of the cases filed with the National Fraud Database (NFD). These startling statistics highlight the urgent need to improve ID verification services as a crucial measure in fighting the unprecedented surge in identity fraud cases.

Complementing its existing offering of passive (still photos) and active (action based) biometric checks, the ID Liveness Layer uses Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) technology. Employing 3D face maps and techniques, it recognizes screen photos, printed photo attacks, video-replay assaults, and 3D mask attacks.

“Over the years, we have been committed to researching, developing, and deploying AI models for accurate and unbiased customer presence detection in images and videos. This has positioned us as a trusted liveness detection service provider, heavily depended on by some of the world’s biggest organizations,” notes Harry Varatharasan, Chief Data Scientist of ComplyCube. “We’ve now extended our AI platform to detect liveness in ID documents, further enhancing the level of identity assurance provided by our award-winning platform.”

Document Liveness Detection is fully integrated into the Document Checking Service. Consequently, it is accessible to users across multiple channels, such as SDKs, no-code solutions, and the outreach platform. By adopting this feature, users can ascertain the legitimacy and rightful ownership of their customers’ identity documents throughout onboarding. Trial runs with select businesses have shown this feature’s effectiveness, preventing over 80% of fraudulent attempts.

“The identification of these counterfeit documents typically comes at a later stage in the customer lifecycle, which, regrettably, can severely tarnish a company’s reputation and trigger penalties and intricate internal procedures,” remarks Mohamed Alsalehi, ChCTO at ComplyCube. “While some alternative solutions offer selfie-based liveness detection, their effectiveness concerning ID documents leaves much to be desired. We are confident that our latest innovation will set a new benchmark for the industry.”

ComplyCube blends thousands of data points, a sophisticated Machine Learning (ML) stack, and expert human reviewers to set a new AML and KYC compliance standard. Its globally compliant product suite includes Biometric Verification, Document Authentication, Address Verification, AML Screening, and Multi-Bureau Checks.


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