Open Raven automates attack prevention and remediation with DDR capabilities

Open Raven announced Data Detection and Response (DDR) capabilities, support for Amazon Redshift, workflow automations, real-time scanning, and AI-enabled asset discovery.

These new developments build on existing automated data discovery, classification, and posture management, to include live monitoring of critical data events.

Open Raven also announced Andrew Peterson, co-founder and former CEO of Signal Sciences, and current founder of Aviso Ventures, joined the Open Raven Board of Directors. Andrew brings a combination of broad, strategic vision alongside expertise building and scaling industry-defining businesses.

“The pivotal moment in any attack is when the targeted data is within the adversary’s reach; combining DSPM and now DDR means data can be both known and defended automatically,” said Dave Cole, CEO, Open Raven. “Further, Andrew Peterson’s partnership with us from day zero has been invaluable, and we’re thrilled to welcome him to our Board of Directors.”

Automating data security

Defending organizations at cloud scale requires automation for both detection and alerting. Too often, security teams feel overwhelmed and immobilized by solutions with a high volume of noisy alerts that require manual triage. Open Raven provides a clear view of where sensitive data is (DSPM) and precise alerts for critical events using DDR.

Additional new product features include:

  • Support for Amazon Redshift – Open Raven continues to expand integrations and now supports Amazon Redshift for large scale data storage and complexity challenges.
  • New workflow automations – This framework eliminates manual intervention and allows security teams to automatically trigger precise actions based on live changes in data and infrastructure.
  • Real-time scanning – Security teams can automatically trigger a data scan whenever a person or service attempts to access sensitive data, and using OpenRaven APIs they can handle requests in real-time and in coordination with an organization’s automatic authorization or approval process.
  • AI-enhanced DMAP – Open Raven’s machine-learning-based data store discovery and labeling service DMAP is now powered by AI for discovery and classification of both native and non-native data services such as Postgres and MySQL.

“Defending and securing data is more important than it’s ever been,” said Andrew Peterson. “Much like the web application firewall market years ago, we’re at a breaking point given the intensity of the threats, regulator pressure, and outdated solutions designed for on-premises or privacy. Open Raven pioneered modern data security, and I’m delighted to join the team.”

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