Solvo SecurityGenie helps organizations improve their cloud security posture

Cloud security breaches are a major threat to organizations with an average detection time of 277 days and human error contributing to 85% of Incidents. To address this challenge, Solvo launched SecurityGenie, a prompt-based cloud security solution with instant and precise answers to cloud security questions, while also providing remediation.


Powered by OpenAI, SecurityGenie uses natural language processing (NLP), like how ChatGPT operates, but to help security teams to identify and remediate security risks, such as misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and compliance violations quickly and easily, eliminating time-consuming manual searches. Simply ask SecurityGenie a question about your cloud security resources, networks, databases, or entitlements and identities, and it will promptly scan your environment to provide comprehensive answers in seconds.

For example, a security engineer could ask SecurityGenie, “Who has access to my sensitive data?” or “What critical security and compliance violations were detected in the past 24 hours?” SecurityGenie then provides a detailed answer, including the severity of the vulnerabilities, the recommended remediation steps, and the compliance requirements that are not being met quickly and efficiently. In addition to returning accurate data, relevant graphs, and code remediation, SecurityGenie can also be used to implement new guardrails. For example, “notify me if an instance has direct internet access without ELB.”

SecurityGenie is like a ChatGPT-powered genie in a bottle for security engineers. It instantly answers your cloud security questions and gives you the information you need to make the right decisions for your organization. Solvo’s research shows that SecurityGenie saves each security engineer an average of 3.5 hours per week. This boosts their confidence and gives them peace of mind that their cloud security posture is safe.

Ineffective and time-consuming manual searches are a major problem for organizations. 20% of security teams spend their time on manual searches, and 70% find current solutions ineffective. However, 70% of organizations would readily embrace automated cloud security solutions, emphasizing the pressing need for tools like SecurityGenie.

“SecurityGenie is a game-changer for cloud security,” said Shira Shamban, CEO of Solvo. “It cuts through the noise and complexity of cloud security, making it easy for security engineers and executives to get the information they need immediately to keep their organizations safe. Simply ask questions and SecurityGenie scans your cloud environment for the answers. This eliminates the need for complex reports and time-consuming vulnerability hunting. We’re excited to release SecurityGenie to the market and help organizations of all sizes save time and improve their cloud security posture.”

SecurityGenie is user-friendly and fully customized to an organization’s unique needs and seamlessly integrates with AWS, Azure, GCP, or hybrid environments. This makes it easy for organizations to get started with SecurityGenie and start reducing their cloud security risk.

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