BeyondID launches BeyondID SOC

BeyondID has released the BeyondID Security Operations Center (SOC). This 24/7/365 security monitoring and threat detection service is designed to help organizations maintain the security of their systems in real-time.

The BeyondID SOC offers a comprehensive range of benefits that help organizations maintain the highest level of security to protect their enterprise: data, customers and workforce. This service secures identity and user-driven endpoints such as Okta, end-user applications, and identity solutions integrated into customer environments.

With dual global operations centers, the BeyondID SOC offers a one-stop-shop for security monitoring and incident response.

“The volume of security threats and breaches has reached a level that is nearly impossible for even the most competent IT teams to manage around the clock,” said Arun Shrestha, CEO of BeyondID.

“Our team understands the challenges with securing proprietary data and felt it was essential to provide a service offering that helps our customers consistently manage these vulnerabilities,” Shrestha continued.

The BeyondID Security Operations Center actively monitors customer environments 24/7, globally, ensuring real-time threat detection and response. The BeyondID SOC also watches for known threats while monitoring intelligence channels to advise and protect against the latest intrusion tactics. This approach helps organizations stay ahead of emerging threats and prevent costly security breaches.

Additionally, the BeyondID SOC stands guard at every endpoint associated with customer environments. A logging agent sends live data to be collected, detected, triaged, investigated, and responded to if necessary. This ensures that all endpoints are secure and protected from potential threats.

Current service offerings include identity-first zero trust security with XDR, end-point, network, workload and data threat detection and response capabilities.

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