NETGEAR launches PR60X Pro Router

NETGEAR has launched the NETGEAR 10G/Multi-Gigabit Dual WAN Pro Router (PR60X) making it the latest addition to their total networking solution platform, Insight.

NETGEAR’s line of Smart Switches, Pro WiFi Access Points, Insight cloud-based management platform, and now the PR60X professional router, reaches a new height. With up to 18Gbps bi-directional WAN-LAN throughput performance and dual WAN failover interfaces, the PR60X solidifies NETGEAR’s position in networking solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.

“NETGEAR has reimagined connectivity for businesses with the launch of the PR60X Pro Router,” said Iphie Chen, Senior Product Line Manager, SMB Business Unit at NETGEAR.

“10G broadband is coming to every business in the very near future. Businesses need to be able to support those speeds on their router to get the most out of their high-speed broadband connection. Our expert team created the PR60X to help small businesses and the VARs that manage their networks, using high performance hardware and prioritizing network reliability, reduced latency, high-speed data delivery, and versatility. It seamlessly combines with our portfolio of Pro WiFi Access Points, Smart Switches, and our Insight cloud management platform for an optimized business network that’s easy to deploy and manage,” Chen continued.

PR60X Pro Router

The PR60X is designed for the future with performance, security and ease of use in mind. With 10G/Multi-Gigabit throughput, 10G/2.5G dual WAN ports, and 10G/2.5G/Multi-Gigabit LAN ports, it can handle internet and device speeds of today and for years to come. The PR60X assures uninterrupted internet connectivity for critical applications and services with its dual WAN fail-over design.

As the gateway to a company’s network, the router protects against malicious incoming traffic. The built-in firewall blocks unauthorized access to the network and monitors the communications between the network and the outside world.

The PR60X also sports a sleek rackmount design with ports in the rear for simple, clean integration among pre-existing data networking equipment. It also includes reverse mounting rack ears for front-facing ports, if desired, helping users to attain a unified, traditional look. Its technical capacity and NETGEAR’s expert support make it a reliable and affordable, cloud managed 10G routing solution for any small business.

Additional technical specifications (PR60X):

  • WAN-LAN throughput – Up to 18 Gbps WAN-LAN bi-directional throughput enabled by cutting-edge ARM A73 Quad Core 2.2GHz CPU and a dedicated hardware network engine.
  • High-performance hardware – 1×2.5G WAN and 1x10G configurable WAN/LAN ports plus 3×2.5G LAN and 1x10G SFP+ LAN ports.
  • Primary and secondary internet connections – Dual WAN ports for failover accommodating two internet connections to maintain a reliable link. The first connection functions as the primary and the other as a backup.
  • 8 VLANs for network segmentation – For more secure and efficient use of network resources, separate the network into up to 8 segments (VLANs).
  • 8 DHCP servers for better security and manageability – Multiple DHCP servers enable multiple Layer3 independent networks for a higher level of security and intra-network manageability, one for each VLAN.
  • IPSec VPN – Provides up to 30 VPN tunnels for businesses to connect remote workers, branch offices, and partners to the main corporate network.
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