ClearSale launches Client Portal to help customers view and manage fraud prevention data

ClearSale has released its new Client Portal. Used by ClearSale customers to view and manage their fraud prevention data, orders, and chargebacks, the portal offers enhanced functionality and a streamlined interface.

The ClearSale Client Portal offers the ability to see fraud detection and prevention information from a high level all the way down to individual transactions. Now, with the reimagined interface, customers will have a sleek and intuitive user experience and new features, making understanding and analyzing their fraud data easier and managing transactions, and chargebacks, more efficient.

Customers will see aggregated fraud data for their stores on their personalized dashboards, with the ability to view chargeback information, a comparison of total transactions versus approved, a roll-up of avoided fraud, and more.

Customers also have the ability to drill down into specific orders to get valuable data on order details, payments, and even the transaction’s fraud score and specific fraud-related red flags. The chargebacks screen offers an overview of all chargeback claims, a detailed view of each claim, and includes relevant documentation and data related to the chargeback. Each screen presents the information in a user-focused design, streamlining fraud management and analysis at every level.

In addition to user interface improvements, the ClearSale team enhanced functionality to core features based on real customer feedback. These improvements support customers with a smoother fraud prevention and chargeback mitigation experience.

The refreshed Client Portal also provides new features, highlighted by an overview of the initial analysis results on the order page. This summary of an order’s analysis provides quick access to individual order insights and information.

“We understand that our customers are not fraud experts, nor should they have to be,” said Rafael Lourenco, EVP and Partner at ClearSale.

“With the new interface, the seamless ability to drill down into transactions, and clear, actionable analysis and reporting of order and chargeback information, our customers can concentrate on the business of helping their customers, not spend time trying to understand and manage their fraud data,” Lourenco concluded.

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