CyberSaint launches Remediation Suite to optimize resource allocation and decision-making

CyberSaint has launched the Remediation Suite within the CyberStrong platform.

CyberSaint Remediation Suite

With the Remediation Suite, CISOs and cyber risk professionals gain access to a toolkit to efficiently prioritize, quantify, track and communicate remediation efforts across controls and risks, leading to optimized resource allocation and informed decision-making.

This new functionality also equips security teams with the flexibility to measure the costs and impacts of various remediation scenarios in financial terms, aligning cybersecurity initiatives with broader business strategies.

“We continue to empower organizations to navigate the complex cyber landscape with confidence,” said Jerry Layden, CEO of CyberSaint. “The Remediation Suite is an illustration of our commitment to delivering transparent solutions that drive impactful change to organizations worldwide, mapping cyber initiatives to business outcomes.”

Capabilities of the Remediation Suite:

  • Create projects to strategize and execute on reducing organizational risk and improve control strength
  • Use a NIST CSF project approach to quickly understand the impact of proposed projects
  • Manage the status of risk remediation projects to communicate effectively to stakeholders on how risk mitigation is progressing
  • Compare projects costs and how those projects will mitigate risk and improve control strength using a standard return on security investment calculation
  • Compare overall spend on projects in relation to potential losses to justify ongoing projects and investment

Objectives achieved with the Remediation Suite:

  • Enhances the accuracy and relevance of cyber risk assessments and resulting remediations for each unique enterprise
  • Facilitates a streamlined process of prioritizing risk remediation efforts in a cost-effective manner
  • Quantifies remediation impacts and convey financialized plans to executive leadership
  • Provides a clear link between cybersecurity initiatives and business outcomes
  • Utilizes data-driven insights for informed decision-making and resource allocation
  • Fosters comprehensive risk management across compliance and risk initiatives

“CyberSaint’s Remediation Suite signifies a pivotal advancement in how organizations tackle cyber risk management,” said Padraic O’Reilly, CPO at CyberSaint.

“By translating risk into actionable financial insights and facilitating targeted prioritization, this feature set empowers security professionals to navigate the complexities of managing cyber risk with precision. As the industry evolves, our commitment to delivering data-driven solutions remains unwavering, and this release is a testament to our dedication to providing an innovative platform to drive cyber resilience,” O’Reilly concluded.

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