Censys Internet Map helps organizations identify, understand and mitigate threats

Censys announced the Censys Internet Map. As the data foundation that powers the Censys Internet Intelligence Platform, the Censys Internet Map provides users with the most comprehensive, up-to-date collection of global internet infrastructure to empower security and intelligence teams.

In today’s threat landscape, enterprises cannot rely on “good enough” data to defend their organization. Security teams require comprehensive and accurate data to serve as the center for their security solutions – external attack surface management, vulnerability management, zero-trust, and threat detection, investigation, and response – all rely on exposure management data to protect organizations.

Through comprehensive scans of the top 100+ ports and proprietary ML-based discovery of services across 65k ports, it reduces false positives by 70%, improving security teams’ ability to successfully map and defend. With the most complete and up-to-date index of hosts and services on the internet, the Censys Internet Map provides users with the three C’s: Coverage, Context and Connections, which are imperative to an organization’s security posture.

“The organizations we work with face growing challenges that make security insights and threat intelligence critically important to delivering on their mission,” commented Mike Riordan, CEO of RavenTek. “Through the powerful capabilities of Censys solutions powered by their Internet Map, our clients are better able to stay ahead of emerging risks, proactively defend their organization, and quickly make data-informed decisions.”

With the widest depth of internet scanning coverage available, the Censys Internet Map scans 45x more services than competitors. This coverage is enriched with detailed context to identify host types, understand how assets are connected and configured, empowering security teams and threat hunters to identify patterns and trends.

“Censys is the only vendor providing this level of detailed visibility and running daily scans to help organizations eliminate false positives and stale data,” said Zakir Durumeric, Chief Scientist at Censys.

“Our intelligence provides threat analysts and security teams with more details to conduct investigations, understand, and block threats – ultimately reducing the risk and impact of a breach. We’re proud that our industry-leading data provides the most complete and up-to-date index of the internet, and are excited to expand this offering for even more users this year,” added Durumeric.

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