Bitwarden adds passkey 2FA to keep online accounts protected

Bitwarden strengthened its individual free account with passkey two-factor authentication (2FA) – discoverable FIDO2 WebAuthn credentials as a second authentication layer.

Users can now secure their accounts with Windows Hello, Touch ID, or any FIDO2 hardware security key. This update emphasizes the company’s commitment to delivering security for users globally and makes Bitwarden the only password manager in the industry to offer this functionality to individuals globally, for free.

“Two-factor authentication protects users at home and at work. It’s the last line of defense in the event of a compromised password, standing between a bad actor and someone’s sensitive data,” said Michael Crandell, CEO, Bitwarden. “Adding passkey 2FA into the Bitwarden individual free plan ensures everyone has access to effective, user-friendly tools to keep online accounts protected.”

The decision to extend passkey 2FA to individual free accounts has already received positive feedback from the Bitwarden Reddit community. Users expressed their support for the update, calling it a “great move by Bitwarden,” emphasizing that, “this is a good step for becoming the No. 1 free, secure, and open source password manager.” Others praised the move, commenting, “thanks Bitwarden for making such an important security feature free for everyone to use,” and “this is huge. Bitwarden is just the best out there.”

From the beginning, Bitwarden prioritized a fully-featured individual free password management plan, recognizing online security and protection as a fundamental right. Ensuring equitable access to security tools that safeguard user credentials provides seamless access and frictionless logins, resulting in better security habits at home and at work.

Now including passkey 2FA, the Bitwarden individual free account gives users multiple authentication options from email and authentication app to storing up to five FIDO2 WebAuthn 2FA credentials. Users also get:

  • Unlimited passwords
  • Unlimited devices
  • Password sharing with another user
  • Username and password generator
  • Bitwarden Send for encrypted sharing with anyone
  • Data breach report
  • Email alias integration
  • Self-hosting option

With the September 2023 release, FIDO2 WebAuthn passkey 2FA is available to all Bitwarden users. Bitwarden paid plans offer enhanced features such as integrated two-factor authentication, file attachments, and sharing across an organization.

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