Linksys announces Cognitive Security capability

Linksys has unveiled in a statement of direction the new Cognitive Security capability, which will complement the newly released Designer Series through the end of the year. Cognitive Security technology will then be released in the soon-to-be announced Icon Series later this year.

Designer Series products that will feature Cognitive Security are:

  • Velop Pro 6E – currently shipping
  • Velop Pro 7 – shipping in September
  • Velop Micro Router 6 – expected in October/November
  • Velop Micro Mesh 6 – expected in October/November

The term “Cognitive” in the technology space refers to “thinking technologies,” which can deterministically, either by user selection or automation, solve problems. In Phase 1 of its implementation, Linksys Cognitive Security was developed entirely based on user input and feedback, focusing on saving users time and effort.

Some key features of Cognitive Security include:

  • Automatically block malicious websites and adult content using Fortinet Secure DNS or Cisco OpenDNS.
  • Instant guest: This feature enables the user to issue temporary credentials for guests to access their home network. These temporary networks self-delete after a predetermined time frame.
  • Secure boot/image: This protects your home network from being hijacked by ensuring only trusted firmware can be installed and executed on your home network devices.

Cognitive Security follows the same premise of previously announced Linksys technologies, including Cognitive Mesh and Cognitive Experience. These technologies provide a “continuous value” capability that improves with every update.

Phase 2 of Cognitive Security will further humanize the home network with intelligent features that include, but are not limited to:

  • Notification when new device has joined the network for the first time
  • Rolling reminder to change the Network Administrator password
  • User-initiated, encrypted backup of the Network configuration

Cognitive Security works continuously to optimize the user’s devices online and ensure secure WiFi usage. Users are able to make easy adjustments using the Linksys App, which offers several advanced optimal security options and safe browsing options to further enhance online safety.

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