Blackpoint Cyber unveils Cloud Response for Google Workspace

Blackpoint Cyber has announced the expansion of its cloud security product, Cloud Response, to Google Workspace.

Blackpoint first introduced Cloud Response for Microsoft 365, the first true Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service in the cloud, to partners in June 2022. Coming early October 2023, Cloud Response will protect both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace environments.

This expansion enhances the security of Google Workspace and safeguards users through the 24/7 detection and prevention of unauthorized Google Account access and malicious Gmail activity. Cloud Response for Google Workspace will be available through Blackpoint Response, a cost-effective bundle of integrated cybersecurity solutions.

With a streamlined onboarding process, Cloud Response for Google Workspace eliminates ingestion fees and on-premises setup. This offering continues the expansion of Blackpoint Response, a suite of security products aligned to proven security frameworks such as NIST. With this product bundle, businesses can employ a unified defense strategy against the myriad of cyberthreats across attack surfaces.

As businesses, hospitals, academia, and individuals continue to rely heavily on cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, we recognized the pressing need for a layer of managed security that detects and counteracts cyberthreats in these settings,” said Xavier Salinas, CTO at Blackpoint.

“Cloud Response for Google Workspace integrates flawlessly with our ecosystem, delivering optimal protection for both our partners and their clients on their most significant cloud attack surface. This security is crucial for the longevity of businesses. We’ve observed that cloud threats occur at almost double the rate of on-premises threats. Moreover, Cloud Response for Google Workspace enriches the data pool for our SOC team and goes beyond built-in security measures, enabling more informed and contextual responses,” added Salinas.

Blackpoint harnessed their cloud security expertise, in particular, the top alerts actioned upon by their Security Operations Center (SOC) to provide Google Workspace users with increased context surrounding login analytics, in addition to constant updates based on the SOC’s insight. Backed by their in-house threat intelligence team, the Adversary Pursuit Group (APG), Cloud Response for Google Workspace will continually improve, to defend against modern, advanced threats.

Detection features of Cloud Response for Google Workspace include:

  • Malicious Google Account login analytics, such as Login from Unapproved Country and Suspicious Login
  • Malicious Gmail detections, such as Suspicious Email Filter Rule Creation and External Email Forwarding Rule Created
  • The ability to respond and disable a Google Account

Upon detection of these malicious activities, Blackpoint’s 24/7 SOC takes swift action. “We disable accounts when malicious activity is detected on behalf of the partner to keep their information and data secure from evolving threats. MSPs can rest easy knowing that they are shielded against even the most sophisticated cyberthreats allowing them to focus on their core operations and serving the businesses they oversee,” said Wilfredo Santiago, SVP, response operations center, at Blackpoint.

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