Duality Technologies joins AWS Partner Network to provide secure data collaboration

Duality Technologies has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) and launched its secure data collaboration platform in AWS Marketplace.

Duality Technologies underwent the comprehensive AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) to certify the enterprise readiness of its platform. As an APN member, Duality allows AWS users to securely collaborate on data without requiring direct access to the raw data, supporting privacy regulations and unlocking additional data sources not previously permitted.

Duality is also being used to train models while protecting the intellectual property (IP) of the artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) models and maintaining the security and privacy of the protected health or personally identifiable information (PII/PHI) used for training and model personalization.

“Duality’s inclusion in the APN and its availability in AWS Marketplace means AWS customers can more easily collaborate on data science projects utilizing sensitive and regulated data across their business ecosystem from a single location within AWS,” said VP of Product, Adi Hirschstein, Duality Technologies.

“This adds privacy and security guardrails required by various regulated industries and organizations to leverage AWS services like AWS Nitro Enclaves and Amazon SageMaker. Not only that, but AWS customers will find that by making it easier to work with sensitive (data), these integrations will accelerate data-driven innovations and growth strategies,” Hirschstein added.

Duality’s enterprise-ready secure data collaboration platform operationalizes Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) to empower users to unleash the full value of collaborative data science and AI while minimizing risk. Organizations can securely share, analyze, and enrich sensitive data to gain business value while raw data remains encrypted throughout the entire data science lifecycle, minimizing the risk of exposure and ensuring compliance with data protection and industry regulations. Duality’s secure solution is made possible via cryptographic and security technologies.

Duality has integrated with both Amazon SageMaker and AWS Nitro Enclaves to enable seamless integration with AWS services. The integration with AWS Nitro Enclaves expands the privacy-enhancing capabilities of Duality’s platform, allowing organizations to collaborate on any data type with any type of model. The integration with Amazon SageMaker now allows companies to benefit from AWS model outputs using data that would otherwise be off-limits due to IP/PII/PHI in the data set.

“As an unequivocal global leader in making privacy technology real and practical, we’re thrilled to bring the power of secure data collaboration to AWS. Combining Duality and AWS allows data-first organizations to securely apply data science and machine learning on sensitive data, further breaking down silos that exist within and between organizations,” said Prof. Kurt Rohloff, CTO of Duality.

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