SymphonyAI accelerates financial crime investigations with generative AI technology

SymphonyAI announced the Sensa Investigation Hub, a generative AI-enabled investigation and case management platform that propels financial institutions into the future of financial crime management.

The Sensa Investigation Hub uses predictive and generative AI technology with unparalleled global domain risk and compliance expertise, culminating in an enterprise-wide, next-generation investigation platform that delivers up to 70% increased investigator productivity.

Building on the industry leadership of the Sensa Copilot for financial crime investigators introduced earlier this year to speed financial crime alert investigation, the Sensa Investigation Hub enables accurate, accelerated investigation and reporting by combining an entity-centric view of risk with the speed and intuitiveness of generative AI.

Detection engine-agnostic, the Sensa Investigation Hub works seamlessly with existing financial crime solutions to provide a single, unified view of risk, regulator-friendly auditing, and end-to-end transparency.

“With its potential for significantly increasing productivity in compliance workflows, Generative AI will have a transformative impact on financial crime compliance,” said Neil Katkov, Ph.D., Director, Risk for Celent. “SymphonyAI is one of the first solutions out of the gate with a cloud native, GenAI-enabled investigation platform dedicated to anti-financial crime use cases.”

Sensa Investigation Hub’s features and benefits include:

Generative AI-powered investigation: The Sensa Investigation Hub’s built-in Sensa Copilot accelerates investigations by ~70% by sourcing, summarizing, and analyzing data at scale – while surfacing results in interrogatable, natural language.

Seamlessly augments existing solutions: The Sensa Investigation Hub’s detection-agnostic, flexible data ingestion works together with existing detection solutions.

Enterprise-wide risk management: SaaS-led, the Sensa Investigation Hub consolidates the risk and compliance tech stack with a single platform, managing all types of financial crime detection and compliance risks across business units and asset classes, reducing complexity, and streamlining operations.

Entity-centric investigation: The Sensa Investigation Hub combines an end-to-end view of risk, starting with anti-money laundering and rapidly including sanctions, know your customer (KYC), customer due diligence (CDD), and fraud.

Transparent and auditable decisioning and reporting: The Sensa Investigation Hub deliver end-to-end transparency aligned with organizational processes, policies, and regulations, ensuring consistency, auditability, and explainability.

“Just as the Sensa Copilot for financial crime investigators presented a transformative moment for financial crime investigation, the Sensa Investigation Hub revolutionizes productivity, consistency, and strategic effectiveness for forward-thinking financial institutions worldwide,” said Mike Foster, CEO of SymphonyAI Sensa-NetReveal.

“With bold innovation, our unique financial crime AI models, and breakthrough predictive and generative AI capabilities, SymphonyAI has delivered breathtaking power, simplicity, and effectiveness for every role and tier of organizations engaged in detecting and preventing financial crime, fraud, and money-laundering,” added Foster.


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