Cloaked’s privacy app and web-based platform put people in control of their personal data

Cloaked has launched its privacy app and web-based platform that gives people control of their personal data by creating unlimited, secure identities, including working phone numbers, emails, usernames and passwords, in real time.

Cloaked privacy app

As it exits beta, the Cloaked platform offers end-to-end encryption with zero-knowledge architecture and provides automatic credential updates, enabling consumers to cloak existing passwords instantly.

From online shopping and dating to interacting with financial services and healthcare providers, Cloaked helps consumers take control of what and how they share, while reshaping how industries access, use, and think about data.

“At Cloaked, we believe privacy is a fundamental human right that everyone deserves to experience,” said Arjun Bhatnagar, CEO of Cloaked. “This is why we’ve created a comprehensive, intuitive platform that puts individuals in control of how information is shared and used without changing how we interact with the world.”

Cloaked’s all-in-one solution combines identity masking via instant phone number and email creation, plus user credential and management tools, with organization resources in one place. Users can seamlessly personalize identities and eliminate privacy exposure, including spam calls or text messages, without being forced to choose between participating in day-to-day, online living and personal data protection.

AutoCloak – Cloaked’s newest feature – enables individuals to automatically change credentials at once, regardless of where personal data may exist or what services or products someone has signed up for previously. It also systematically updates usernames and passwords if they become compromised through a merchant breach, easing the stress of identity theft and increasing security immediately.

Additional Cloaked highlights include:

  • Real-time, unlimited phone number and email creation with two-way routing so identities are never revealed.
  • Personalization features that allow individuals to turn identities on or off, elect to auto-forward communication to existing email or phone numbers and more.
  • A personal, encrypted database and end-to-end encryption across the platform, including zero-knowledge architecture, to ensure maximum security for Cloaked users.
  • A built-in password manager, making it seamless to save and access information across web and mobile devices.

“Cloaked is fundamentally working to rethink individual data ownership and data security,” said Abhijay Bhatnagar, President of Cloaked. “Architecturally, we’ve invested a great deal in separating user data and building an end-to-end encrypted infrastructure so customers can feel comfortable and in control when using our product anywhere.”

At launch, Cloaked is the first privacy platform to be both ISO27001 and ISO27701 certified for its overall management of information security and privacy practices. With a continued focus on security and extending privacy features, the company plans to unveil Cloaked Pay, which will allow privacy protection of card numbers and unlock user card controls to prevent privacy exposure, fraud, and data breach potential. Cloaked addresses are also set to launch in the coming year.

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