Vanta AI reduces the manual, repetitive tasks hampering security teams

Vanta launched Vanta AI, a new suite of tools leveraging the latest in AI and LLMs to accelerate compliance, efficiently assess vendor risk and automate security questionnaire workflows.

Vanta AI

Featuring AI-powered vendor security reviews, generative questionnaire responses and intelligent control mapping, Vanta AI significantly reduces the manual, repetitive tasks hampering security teams, freeing them up to focus on their most strategic work.

According to Vanta’s report of 2,500 security and IT professionals, AI is seen as one of the most powerful conduits to accelerate security workflows and redefine trust. Global security leaders believe that the greatest potential for AI will be seen in:

  • Improving the accuracy of security questionnaire responses (44%)
  • Eliminating manual work (42%)
  • Streamlining vendor risk reviews and onboarding (37%)
  • Reducing the need for large teams (34%)

“The transformative potential of AI and LLMs to reduce repetitive tasks is undeniable, yet security and compliance teams are still grappling with an outdated, time-consuming status quo,” said Jeremy Epling, CPO, Vanta.

“Vanta AI automates resource-draining manual work to give security and compliance teams more time to proactively manage risk and demonstrate trust as they scale. With Vanta AI, teams can analyze vendor security documentation in an instant, answer entire security questionnaires in mere minutes, and maintain controls effortlessly. By automating the work that security teams had no choice but to perform manually, with more capabilities being added in the coming months, we’re excited to be on the forefront of pioneering the future of intelligent trust management,” added Epling

Review vendor security instantly

Regular vendor security reviews are required to maintain compliance and practice good security hygiene. But critical information on vendor security practices are usually buried within dense documents like SOC 2 reports, making reviews extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive without a single source of truth for information.

While security questionnaires can ease the burden of parsing entire documents, it requires constant vendor coordination for on-time completion. By super-charging Vanta’s Vendor Risk Management product with AI, analyzing and extracting relevant information from SOC 2 reports, DPAs, and other vendor documentation can take just seconds – allowing security teams to assess vendor security practices faster than ever before.

Customized security answers in minutes

Demonstrating good security practices to customers and stakeholders requires answering long and detailed questionnaires, which are highly duplicative, prone to human error and quickly out-of-date. Vanta’s AI-enhanced Questionnaire Automation solution enables customers to instantly extract insights from a

With the ability to seamlessly edit, complete and approve responses in a few clicks, security questionnaires can be completed in record time.

Maintain controls effortlessly

While Vanta has made it significantly easier for teams to add a new framework by reusing existing tests and policies, previously customers needed to manually identify and map them to the controls required by the new framework.

Vanta AI is accelerating the end-to-end process by automatically suggesting the best tests and policies for each control. Coming soon, auto-generating control summaries make it easier than ever to maintain controls when adding new frameworks – increasing efficiencies while reducing human error.

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