Guardz unveils AI-powered cyber risk assessment prospecting tool for MSPs

Guardz introduced its AI-powered cyber risk assessment prospecting tool for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

By generating comprehensive reports that delve into the cybersecurity posture of MSPs’ existing or prospective clients, this tool provides actionable insights for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to bolster their cybersecurity defenses and offers MSPs an invaluable business development resource — all at no cost.

MSPs face unique hurdles in prospecting and acquiring new clients — their primary business pain point. Fierce competition, extended sales cycles due to the need for trust-building, the demand for constant adaptation to dynamic technology trends, and the diverse client landscape all make the process of expanding an MSP’s client base challenging. Additionally, the risk assessment reports that are provided by traditional cybersecurity vendors are generally cumbersome to digest, creating extra work for the MSP.

Guardz’s cyber risk assessment tool leverages LLMs to assess businesses’ cybersecurity risk as compared to industry benchmarks, providing MSPs with an in-depth security posture analysis of their prospective customers. The tool serves as a versatile business development and prospecting asset, enabling MSPs to evaluate existing clients’ security and more effectively target new SME customers.

By generating free, comprehensive and branded reports at the click of a button, MSPs can approach potential clients with concrete representations of their security needs and actionable insights.

“We are excited to empower MSPs with our new prospecting tool, which has been meticulously designed to cater to their unique needs and those of their clients,” said Dor Eisner, CEO of Guardz. “As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve in sophistication, it is imperative for MSPs to remain at the forefront, delivering the utmost level of protection to their customers. At Guardz, we are unwavering in our commitment to empowering our MSP partners with the essential tools required to not only address their most urgent and complex challenges, but to thrive in this ever-expanding and intricate digital threat landscape.”

“We are thrilled to have this value-driven tool and extensive resource at our disposal to help propel customer acquisition. In making this reporting accessible to businesses like ours, Guardz is enabling us to immediately showcase our professionalism, expertise, and forward-thinking strategy in protecting our customers and to drive new business,” said Frederik Soendergaard-Jensen, Managing Director, FSJ Solutions LTD. “We look forward to continuing to work with Guardz to deliver our clients top-notch, holistic cybersecurity and insurance that safeguards their assets against the rising threats on the horizon.”

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