PlainID partners with BigID to enhance data protection and visibility for customers

PlainID announces their strategic partnership with BigID to deliver an enhanced data protection solution for its customers.

This collaboration brings together the unique strengths and capabilities of both companies to provide enterprises complete visibility and control of their data. Together, the solutions will allow organizations to consistently protect their data no matter which language form it takes.

PlainID specializes in the creation, management and enforcement of access policies, while BigID focuses on the security, privacy, compliance and governance of data. By integrating these powerful tools, organizations can ensure that data is used exclusively for its intended purposes and appropriate ways.

This approach enables organizations to establish consistent policy-based access control throughout their entire technology stack, resulting in increased security and reduction in administrative errors.

With this partnership, customers will be able to:

  • Apply consistent data security categorization and labels at all levels through Policy-Based Access Control.
  • Enhance security with dynamic real-time, context-based access decisions.
  • Accelerate time-to-data while also applying enterprise-wide security controls based on data governance.
  • Minimize security gaps by centralizing data access control and data governance solutions.
  • Enhance visibility and control of access policies and improve data governance audits.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with BigID to safeguard organizations’ private, critical and sensitive data, ensuring it remains shielded from all threats,” said Gal Helemski, CTO/CPO at PlainID. “This partnership underscores PlainID’s unwavering dedication to data protection, a commitment that propels us forward in securing data with excellence.”

“We’re excited to partner with PlainID to simplify complexity of managing and enforcing access policies,” said Iulia Stefoi-Silver, VP of partnerships at BigID. “This partnership empowers our customers to protect and manage access to their most important asset: their data.”

This partnership signifies the company’s ongoing dedication to its continually growing Technology Partner Network. It comes on the heels of the company’s recent collaborations with Denodo, which facilitates centralized data access management, and has significantly contributed to customer expansion.

PlainID will be listed on the BigID Marketplace, the first purpose-built app store in the data intelligence space.

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