Dragos and Rockwell Automation strengthen ICS/OT cybersecurity threat detection for organizations

Dragos announced the expansion of its combined capabilities in partnership with Rockwell Automation.

With this expansion, Rockwell will be making the Dragos Platform available to organizations for enhanced ICS/OT cybersecurity threat detection, providing global deployment services and support capabilities to help customers operationalize their security investment.

The threat detection capabilities build on the previous global agreement between Dragos and Rockwell for the OT Incident Response Retainer (IRR) program that helps industrial organizations prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyber incidents in OT environments.

The Dragos Platform is a ICS/OT cybersecurity technology solution that reduces cyber risk to industrial environments. Codified with OT-specific threat intelligence and insights from the industry’s largest team of ICS/OT practitioners, it provides visibility into assets and vulnerabilities, detects cyber threats to industrial systems, and enables efficient response through forensic investigation and OT-specific playbooks. With this expanded capability, industrial asset owners and manufacturers will benefit from:

  • Improved threat detection and response across the entire industrial OT network.
  • Greatly enhanced visibility into the OT environment allowing industrial organizations to inventory and monitor assets, track vulnerabilities, and leverage network monitoring to investigate issues and incidents.
  • Fast, efficient, and effective threat detection to help maintain safety and uptime as a result of continuously updated knowledge packs focused on ICS networks for Rockwell-specific and third-party vendor hardware.
  • The collective experience and intelligence of Dragos and Rockwell to enhance knowledge for industrial defenders, including whitepapers, webinars, and other resources.
  • Rapid operationalization of cybersecurity investment with the global deployment and support footprint at Rockwell Automation.

“This expansion of cybersecurity capabilities in partnership with Dragos is a natural continuation of the strong relationship we’ve built together,” said Matt Kennedy, VP, Global Capabilities and Innovation, Lifecycle Services at Rockwell Automation. “By offering the value of the Dragos Platform alongside the services and expertise from both Rockwell and Dragos, we will help manufacturers achieve their digital transformation goals while maintaining the safety and security of their OT infrastructure.”

“Rockwell Automation has always been a champion of the manufacturing and industrial community and we are honored to have them as a strategic partner that helps customers scale their Dragos Platform investments to best meet their cybersecurity objectives,” said Matthew Cowell, VP of Business Development, Dragos, Inc.

“Rockwell brings significant value to manufacturers with their ability to design and implement a defensible architecture, provide virtualization infrastructure, and incorporate deployment and configuration expertise with the Dragos Platform by providing boots-on-the-ground resources. This is all complemented by a global remote support organization,” added Cowell.

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