PagerDuty acquires Jeli to improve enterprise resilience

PagerDuty has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Jeli to transform operations with an enterprise-grade, all-in-one incident management solution.

The addition of Jeli’s capabilities to the PagerDuty Operations Cloud will further strengthen its value as a system of action, going beyond response to drive long-lasting improvements in operational maturity. The PagerDuty Operations Cloud combines Incident Management, AIOps, Automation and Customer Service Operations in a flexible, easy-to-use platform designed for mission-critical, time-sensitive, high-impact work across IT, DevOps, security and business teams.

Jeli is a natural extension of the PagerDuty Operations Cloud, completing the lifecycle of incident management with deep, actionable analysis, enriched learning and proactive improvement. The combined offering will help customers turn every incident into an opportunity by applying learnings to reduce the impact of future incidents. CIOs will be able to learn more quickly from their incidents and shift their organizations from a chaotic, reactive stance towards a more proactive, methodical approach, allowing them to operate more efficiently.

Jeli’s enterprise-grade user experience is already integrated with PagerDuty, enabling customers to effectively collaborate during and after an incident, identify improvement opportunities, and action insights to drive change. Jeli surfaces patterns from incidents, prioritizing opportunities for improvement in escalations, resource allocation and project planning.

“Every company’s customers are digitally fluent, yet most company’s operations are analog, manual and command and control. This chasm gets wider as technical complexity grows, making operational resilience and delightful customer experiences harder to deliver,” said Jennifer Tejada, CEO, PagerDuty.

“With Jeli, our combined offering will empower executives to make faster, more effective operational decisions to speed and expand innovation while minimizing the costs and risk of operational failure. With Jeli, PagerDuty becomes a cloud-first, automated Incident Management solution that scales securely and reliably for large enterprises. We are thrilled to welcome Nora Jones and the Jeli team to PagerDuty,” added Tejada.

“We created Jeli to turn every incident into a learning opportunity,” said Nora Jones, CEO of Jeli. “Jeli technology incorporates the human element and spearheads a more positive culture of learning from incidents through its incident analysis and incident response technology. Together, Jeli and PagerDuty will play an indispensable role in bringing data, not just focused on how the technology is working, but how the humans within the organization are working and focusing on a culture of continuous learning from incidents to help the business grow.”

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