Bitwarden launches passkey management for passwordless authentication across accounts

Bitwarden has launched passkey management, enabling every user to create, manage, and store passkeys in their vaults. Users can now quickly and securely log into passkey-enabled websites through the Bitwarden web extension. The synchronized passkeys are encrypted in users’ vaults for a more convenient passwordless login experience.

Every Bitwarden user on any plan can manage passkeys in their vault via the Bitwarden web extension. Upon visiting a passkey-enabled site and initiating the creation process, Bitwarden identifies the request, prompting the user to add the passkey to a vault item or create a new one. Once saved, the passkey is ready for secure passwordless login.

Passkeys are a more secure form of cryptographic authentication that reduce the need for passwords. They operate using a pair of keys: a public key stored on passkey-enabled websites and a private key on a user’s device. Even if a website’s public key leaks, the user’s account remains secure since the private key is safely stored on the user’s device. This process is built on WebAuthn protocols developed by the FIDO Alliance, an open industry association of technology leaders, ensuring a reliable and tested system for secure account access.

“The industry is rapidly shifting towards passkeys based on FIDO authentication to streamline sign-ins for users and organizations with greater convenience and security,” said Andrew Shikiar, executive director & CMO of the FIDO Alliance. “Independent credential managers have a critical role to play in accelerating the transition from passwords to passkeys, and we’re pleased to see Bitwarden’s support of passkey management and the company’s commitment to ensuring all of its users can benefit from the robust security that passkeys provide.”

Bitwarden delivers security for all through seamless login experiences, underscored by passkey management for all users. Recently, Bitwarden enhanced individual free accounts with passkey two-factor authentication (2FA), empowering users to add a robust security layer to their accounts. Soon, users will also use passkeys to log into Bitwarden vaults. Today’s release enables passkey management, included in all plans, via the Bitwarden web extension. Upcoming updates will extend passkey support to desktop and mobile, as well as passkey import and export functionality.

The launch of passkey management aligns with an industry-wide shift toward passwordless authentication to address user security challenges posed by weak and reused passwords. A recent Bitwarden survey of 600 developers reinforced the broader transition toward passwordless authentication with 68% of respondents already using passkeys for accessing work applications and 36% of respondents confident that they will become the dominant authentication method to replace passwords.

Passkey management is the latest feature in the Bitwarden portfolio of passwordless solutions, comprising:

  • Integrating Passkey 2FA in Bitwarden Password Manager and Bitwarden Secrets Manager
  • Secure passkey storage in Bitwarden Password Manager
  • Empowering app and web developers with passkey capabilities via
  • Coming soon: Login into Bitwarden Password Manager and Bitwarden Secrets Manager with a passkey
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