Entrust and NEDAP partner for credential and ID program interoperability

Entrust has unveiled a technology alliance partnership with NEDAP to deliver interoperability between credential issuance and ID program management capabilities.

Managing physical access for people, visitors and assets is complex and ever-evolving. Organizations seek access control programs that can provide both credential issuance and access management capabilities, but find that they need to manage multiple vendors and solutions that do not communicate with each other.

With this technology alliance, customers can now use the Entrust ID issuance solution in concert with NEDAP AEOS for a complete all-in-one card design, issuance and management system. NEDAP AEOS is an access control platform that connects physical locks, lockers, readers and additional devices to enhance the flow of people safely and securely through the clients’ facilities.

“The last thing program administrators need is to juggle multiple solution providers, not to mention systems and the data sets within each,” said Tony Ball, SVP and GM, Instant Issuance at Entrust.

“With the technology alliance between Entrust and NEDAP, customers can simplify their access control programs using one vendor that offers two interoperable solutions in one. We are excited to work with NEDAP to provide a smooth credential issuance process for customers in Europe and beyond,” Ball added.

“The ability to efficiently and easily control who gains access to an organization’s facility is foundational to providing a safe and secure organization,” said Ruben Brinkman, Commercial Operations Lead for NEDAP. “Combining the capabilities of NEDAP and Entrust gives our customers a complete suite of solutions that supports all of their security needs no matter how they scale.”

Entrust Instant ID Issuance is a flexible software solution that integrates with NEDAP AEOS access control software to deliver an easy-to-use ID card design, issuance and management solution that provides:

  • Distributed capture, enrollment and printing
  • Smart card encoding card issuance
  • Simple drag-and-drop card designer
  • Service-based installation for scalability for one to multiple printer and site deployments

As a result of this technology alliance partnership, NEDAP’s Channel Partners are now able to offer Entrust ID Issuance Solutions to their customers that use AEOS. This allows them to provide a complete ID issuance solution that delivers simplified workflows and exceptional service.

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