PCI Pal and Zoom join forces to secure payment process for customers

PCI Pal has joined forces with Zoom Video Communications to deliver an improved customer experience through the integration of PCI Pal Agent Assist and Digital Payments solutions into Zoom Contact Center and Zoom Phone.

PCI Pal’s PCI Compliance solutions will soon be available to businesses utilizing Zoom and can be purchased on a Zoom agreement. This partnership not only helps ensure PCI compliance but also contributes to a seamless customer payment experience in Zoom’s communication platforms.

“PCI Pal’s offerings are an excellent match for Zoom’s focus to help people and businesses collaborate and stay connected. As a valued, integrated partner, our payment solutions result in an excellent CX and EX for customers and merchants alike, creating a frictionless payment experience. We’re looking forward to working with Zoom today and in the future,” says Darren Gill, CRO, PCI Pal.

“We are delighted to partner with PCI Pal to elevate our payment and compliance proposition for our customers,” said Vi Chau, Head of Product – Zoom Phone and Zoom Contact Center. “PCI Pal’s flexibility and innovation mean we can empower businesses to facilitate payments securely throughout our Zoom CX and Phone portfolio.”

The PCI Pal Agent Assist solution enables Zoom customers to securely and efficiently process credit card information using DTMF-masking or Speech technology, allowing agents and customers to remain in communication through the payment process while helping ensure sensitive cardholder information doesn’t enter the contact center or phone environment.

Additionally, PCI Pal Digital Payments allow Zoom customers to offer the convenience of making payments digitally, whether through self-service channels or with an agent-assisted channel, while providing the highest level of PCI security as a Level 1 PCI DSS certified solution.

Benefits of the Zoom and PCI Pal collaboration include:

  • A range of payment options offered via multiple communications channels
  • Secure payment process that simplifies compliance with PCI DSS requirements
  • Procuring PCI Pal via Zoom’s contract
  • Improved metrics such as first contact resolution, payment completion rates, and reduction in Average Handle Time (AHT)
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