Living Security collaborates with Zscaler to manage human risk

Living Security announced a new partnership and technology integration with Zscaler.

Joint customers will realize the benefits of secure internet and SaaS access, secure private access, and human risk quantification, enabling them to reduce risk.

The majority of cybersecurity incidents are the result of human error. No matter how often employees are trained or phished or new technology is deployed, it all comes back to the people. According to the Verizon DBIR 2023, 74% of breaches involve the human element – making it still the single most significant risk to organizations, a continually relevant industry trend to call out that is a consistent concern for enterprise security.

“Partnering with Zscaler represents an important milestone in our strategic growth plans,” said Ashley Rose, CEO of Living Security. “Together, we will deliver cybersecurity’s most powerful solutions that enable CISOs, risk managers, and security operations teams worldwide to address a variety of security challenges to better manage human risk, resulting in a more secure environment for the enterprise.”

Key integration features

Seamless data aggregation: Automatically aggregate data from Zscaler through secure APIs and correlate events and activities to get a holistic view of employee behaviors. These risks are quantified and actionable with data-driven insights.

Distinguish real threats: Living Security’s Human Risk Index scores make apparent the riskiest individuals and attributes susceptible to risk. The algorithms and contextual features specific to various roles reduce false positives and pinpoint genuine threats.

Real-time visibility: Get instant access to real-time human risk scores and insights across organizations with an intuitive interface that ensures security operations teams can monitor and prioritize events effectively, allowing for proactive risk mitigation.

“Zscaler accelerates digital transformation by strengthening the security posture and protecting users, apps, and assets,” said Omer Ansari, Senior Director of Technology Alliances at Zscaler. “Zscaler’s ability to inspect traffic for all users with a holistic approach to cyber threat protection and data protection provides unparalleled visibility into user activity. Integrating with Living Security helps our joint customers train their users to reduce risky behavior.”

The partnership significantly empowers joint customers to reduce risk through greater control and deeper visibility. Living Security leverages Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform telemetry to get visibility into user activity. This data is integrated into the Unify HRM platform to quantify human risk across multiple cybersecurity tools to drive proactive, efficient action.

Zscaler and Living Security’s tight integration will empower security, risk, and compliance leaders to make risk-based decisions by improving detection of malicious behavior, increasing efficiency by only targeting risk areas, improving security posture through reduced risk, and providing actionable data.

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