Armory simplifies deployments to AWS Lambda

Armory announced a new unified declarative deployment capability for AWS Lambda.

This innovation streamlines deployment workflows by enabling the configuration of Lambda deployments through the same interface used for Kubernetes.

Historically, DevOps teams have had to use separate tools and processes to deploy AWS Lambda functions versus Kubernetes workloads. This required deep expertise in each platform and created siloed experiences that hindered visibility into changes.

Armory’s new unified deployment capability eliminates these challenges by centralizing Lambda deployment configuration and execution through its existing control plane.

“Developers have consistently requested the ability to seamlessly deploy to Lambda across their various environments. We’ve been listening, and today’s update is the definitive answer — and solution — to this common query,” said Adam Frank, SVP of Product and Marketing at Armory.

“Armory’s newest capability eliminates the need for custom scripts and gives teams a consistent way to define Lambda deployment workflows, accelerating development cycles for serverless applications and creating a far more developer-friendly workflow,” added Frank.

With Armory’s Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service (CD-as-a-Service) offering, companies can now use a single declarative configuration to progressively deploy Lambda functions to development, testing, staging and production environments. Deployment strategies like canary analysis and traffic splitting can be defined once and applied across Lambda targets.

“CD-as-a-Service has accelerated our development and release processes for both AWS Lambda and Kubernetes services,” said Steve Litras, Senior Director of IT and Security at Cribl. “Armory enables us to give our entire team more responsibility by automating away complex and unfamiliar concepts. This decreases our cycle time and increases our ability to positively impact the business.”

The new unified deployment capability for AWS Lambda is available in Armory CD-as-a-Service.

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