Paladin Cloud unveils Prioritization Engine for Cloud Security

Paladin Cloud unveiled its new Prioritization Engine for Cloud Security to help security and developer teams reduce the noise by correlating and contextualizing findings across the security ecosystem to enhance the prioritization of vulnerabilities.

Paladin Cloud SaaS platform

Early customer adoption across financial services, technology and health care validates the company’s modern approach to managing risk and reducing exposure.

Enterprises have cited alert fatigue as a top challenge in managing application and cloud security risks given the high volume of daily alerts generated from a variety of individual security tools. Security practitioners spend a significant amount of time trying to prioritize alerts and have become overwhelmed and desensitized in identifying and remediating top security risks.

Paladin Cloud addresses this challenge by connecting to an enterprise’s existing security tools and clouds to ingest, risk score and correlate findings to provide context and prioritization of the most important risks. The company’s agentless monitoring and alerting capabilities help drive workflow and remediation activities. The product also monitors the implementation of security controls over cloud assets to verify security tools are providing their intended protection.

“As alert fatigue reaches a boiling point with security and developer teams, enterprises will need to contextualize findings across the application and cloud security stacks to prioritize and remediate the most pressing risks,” said Daniel Deeney, CEO. “Organizations are looking to modernize their approach to security by unifying and enhancing vulnerability management in their multi cloud environments.”

Built on top of Paladin Cloud’s open source core, the company’s new SaaS platform serves as a prioritization engine for cloud security that connects to existing security tools and clouds to unify findings while providing context to prioritize and remediate the most important issues.

Paladin Cloud’s new SaaS platform allows organizations to:

  • Reduce alert fatigue up to 50% by unifying findings across security tools and clouds
  • Prioritize top security risks with context and correlation to focus on the most important issues
  • Reduce overall risk profile up to 30% by prioritizing remediation activities
  • Save time and reduce cost by enhancing the prioritization of vulnerabilities, < six month ROI
  • Reduce exposure to vulnerabilities and threats with up to a 30% reduction in attack surface
  • Verify security controls are providing protection by identifying gaps in security tool coverage
  • Implement company SLAs to drive resolution times based on risks and severity levels
  • Create custom policies and connectors into third party security tools
  • Automate incident management: ticketing integrations, alerts and notifications
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