Sumo Logic accelerates troubleshooting and security across AWS environments

Sumo Logic announced a number of new innovations and updates that help users accelerate troubleshooting and security across AWS environments, within a span of minutes and a few clicks.

Digital transformation and cloud initiatives are creating complexity for organizations, with many struggling to manage security and operations due to a lack of visibility, slow tools, silos and rising costs. Sumo Logic’s AI-powered SaaS Log Analytics Platform unifies logs, metrics, traces and metadata through a single platform to help ensure mission-critical apps are reliable and secure across AWS environments.

The company unveiled new solutions and features purpose-built for AWS that help users find the root cause of performance, availability, and security issues faster than ever including.

High-speed troubleshooting for AWS with a few clicks

Sumo Logic helps organizations get full visibility into the health of their applications and systems. With deep AWS integrations and out-of-the-box content, Sumo Logic provides a unified approach to monitoring and troubleshooting for AWS in just a few clicks.

Sumo Logic Log Analytics for AWS – this is a new packaged solution that delivers a curated view and a single pane of glass for monitoring and troubleshooting AWS services easily and effectively. The zero configuration solution automatically collects logs and metrics data from 12 core AWS services including EC2, Lambda, ECS, RDS, DynamoDB, API GW, and Load Balancers, in one single step.

Users can now get full visibility across different AWS accounts and regions, and leverage ML-powered analytics to troubleshoot at lightning speed, with significantly lower time to value, as the solution can be deployed in minutes. In addition, organizations control costs by optimizing AWS-spend across the environment and help users better understand where they are at with application and infrastructure performance globally across AI-powered Global Intelligence benchmarks.

Secure your AWS environment within minutes

Sumo Logic’s SaaS Log Analytics Platform makes it easy for security and DevOps teams to detect, investigate, and respond to security threats across AWS infrastructure and cloud-native apps. New offerings include:

CIS for AWS – Sumo Logic’s new Cloud Infrastructure Security (CIS) for AWS provides an enterprise-wide, unified view of your AWS infrastructure that delivers insights into active threats, non-compliant security controls and suspicious activity across complex AWS environments – spanning multiple accounts, users, regions, and resource types.

The solution delivers a curated workflow purpose-built for AWS. And an enterprise-wide unified view of your AWS infrastructure delivers insights into active threats, non-compliant security controls and suspicious activity across complex AWS environments spanning multiple accounts, users, regions and resource types.

Powerful AI/ML platform

Sumo Logic’s cloud-native platform uses AI/ML-driven models for solving some of the deepest (and hardest) operational and security challenges. Sumo Logic is further innovating the AI/ML models including surfacing high-fidelity insights, with an eye towards speed of troubleshooting through:

AI-driven alerting – This new feature enables users to harness the power of advanced anomaly detection, machine learning and intelligent playbooks, in order to reduce the noise of daily alerts and false alarms by highlighting the most critical issues that require immediate attention. The solution can also be used in conjunction with playbooks to automate incident resolution actions swiftly, such as server restarts and capacity provisioning.

Global intelligence for AWS CloudTrail DevOps – Sumo Logic’s AI-powered application is designed to help DevOps professionals deliver deep insights into AWS performance and configuration. In addition, users can leverage for quick issue detection and resolution, alongside machine learning models derived from extensive data gathered from Sumo Logic’s AWS customer logs for troubleshooting.

Global intelligence for AWS CloudTrail SecOps – This application enables SecOps professionals to proactively detect potentially malicious configuration changes in your AWS account by using a machine learning model to compare AWS CloudTrail events against a cohort of AWS customers. These CloudTrail events are carefully curated from AWS penetration tests and operational best practices.

“Every organization across every industry is transforming, relying on digital and cloud to accelerate innovation, develop a competitive edge and help service their customers better. But these initiatives often lead to significant complexities for operations and security teams,” said Joe Kim, CEO of Sumo Logic.

“We believe logs are the fundamental source of truth that brings Dev, Sec, and Ops together, and we’re excited about these new innovations and updates we’re showcasing this week to further strengthen our cloud-native SaaS Log Analytics Platform to provide a single, unified view, that allows users to go from insights to action, fast,” added Kim.

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