FileCloud and Votiro join forces to protect customers from file-borne threats

FileCloud announced a partnership with Votiro to provide customers with options to enhance their security posture.

FileCloud is used by leading government and private sector organizations worldwide for secure, compliant file sharing and content collaboration. This partnership shows FileCloud’s commitment to providing ways for enterprises to stay ahead of potential threats from incoming infected files, and to working with strategic partners at the vanguard of cybersecurity to achieve this. In doing so, FileCloud empowers customers to strengthen their security posture by using Votiro’s powerful Positive Selection Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology, integrated with their FileCloud deployments.

Currently, unstructured data is growing by around 27% annually, a figure set to increase as technological advancements requiring large data sets, such as AI and ML, continue apace. This creates a risk of data sprawl, creating broader enterprise attack surfaces. Critically, this growth includes large numbers of files entering organizations from outside sources.

The global increase in remote working in recent years also amplifies the risks inherent in data from unmanaged systems containing malicious content. This means it’s increasingly vital to ensure the safety of incoming files prior to their entry into organizational infrastructures.

Like FileCloud, Votiro applies Zero Trust principles to detect, disarm, and deliver safe files used in content and collaboration business solutions. Its Positive Selection technology sanitizes all inbound and outbound files in real-time, constructing new, fully functional versions by extracting the known good elements and reconstructing them on top of a safe file template.

Votiro has achieved this by leveraging deep internal expertise in the architecture of each file type – including common, complex, and regional specific file types. Users can open and work on all fully functional files coming from external sources with 100% confidence that they remain uncompromised by any malicious scripts or other weaponized content.

Due to Votiro’s ability to extract only clean, safe objects to create new files, it’s particularly effective at detecting and neutralizing zero-day threats. These threats typically remain undetected by security software using predictive methods. Positive Selection CDR dissects files into content, templates, and objects prior to reconstructing them. Using this method, Votiro delivers guaranteed safe files to users in milliseconds.

Votiro’s technology, when integrated with FileCloud’s various technical layers of file security, as well as its impressive threat analytics capabilities, will empower customers to reinforce their data security and enable adherence to increasingly tough global privacy legislation. Votiro disarms huge volumes of files annually for organizations in the areas of healthcare, insurance, legal, MSPs and MSSPs, and other sectors.

“The current threat landscape, wide content attack surface and increasing pressure on IT leads customers to look for zero trust solutions that explicitly safeguard content and enables employees to safely work from anywhere they will be productive,” said Jason Dover, CPO of FileCloud.

“We’re committed to enabling our customers to meet their security posture requirements by working with top-tier security solution providers like Votiro. Through this partnership, we are providing customers with a powerful toolset to minimize risk around content entering their environment that could be leveraged as a vector by threat actors. We look forward to jointly delivering enhanced value to our customer base,” added Dover.

Votiro’s CEO Ravi Srinivasan commented, “Votiro’s mission to provide zero trust content security aligns perfectly with FileCloud’s vision to build a hyper-secure content collaboration platform. This partnership will enable safe and secure content collaboration and exchange, keeping customers safe from any file-borne threats.”

A potent combination for content security

Similar to Votiro, FileCloud supports a wide variety of file types, making the integration particularly fitting for enterprises requiring robust data security. Votiro detects and disarms weaponized files of numerous formats, including password-protected and archive files. Its capabilities also extend to PDF, RTF, text, Microsoft Office files, email containers, and all prevalent image formats.

Since malicious payloads are removed from all files, Votiro has a consistent rate of zero false positives. The lack of file quarantining means that users can access and work on clean versions of their documents without delay, minimizing negative impacts on productivity or increased workload on IT staff. In a world in which AI-assisted attacks are on the rise, FileCloud and Votiro together offer an invaluable extra layer of security.

This latest partnership is indicative of FileCloud’s ongoing commitment to broadening the range of customized file security integrations available to its tens of thousands of global users. FileCloud prides itself on facilitating enterprises in maintaining operational effectiveness, while also safeguarding those all-important digital assets.

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