Flow Security unveils GenAI DLP module to prevent data leaks in real-time

Flow Security announced its extension to GenAI Security with the launch of a new GenAI DLP module.

The widespread use of Generative AI, while leading to advancements across the enterprise and fueling exceptional innovation, has led to increasing concern over data security. As more companies adopt GenAI services for a wide array of uses, from content creation to back-end tasks by developers, the potential for personal and corporate data leakage, data mishandling, and the creation of shadow data is on the rise.

A recent report found that 69% of executives say innovation takes precedence over cybersecurity for Generative AI, while at the same time, 96% say adopting GenAI makes a security breach likely in their organization within the next three years.

“Many companies that wish to venture into GenAI are hesitant to put themselves at risk due to concerns over data leakage, and they will continue to limit its usage as long as they remain unaware of how their data is moved, stored, and used by 3rd parties,” said CEO of Flow Security, Jonathan Roizin. “With GenAI DLP, we offer a responsible, frictionless way to safeguard corporate digital assets, enabling the wider adoption of GenAI applications across a data-centric ecosystem.”

Analyzing data in motion, as opposed to traditional scanning of known databases, enables Flow’s GenAI DLP to discover shadow data and proactively identify anomalies in real-time, regardless of where the data is located. For data-centric organizations this capability is critical to prevent violations and breaches that could lead to fines and be damaging to their reputation. In testing, Flow’s GenAI DLP uncovered undetected data leakages despite seemingly robust infrastructure protection.

In a test focusing on healthcare organizations where GenAI was used to classify patient data to gain insights into disease patterns and treatment effectiveness, Flow’s GenAI DLP quickly identified sensitive PHI data at risk that would have led to a HIPAA violation if it had continued to go unnoticed. In another test for telecom providers, GenAI was used to optimize customer services by analyzing chatbot interactions for potential risk, and once again, Flow’s GenAI DLP identified sensitive financial data leaks, thereby avoiding the potential repercussions.

“GenAI tools have created a situation where the movement of data is expanding at an unparalleled pace and relying on traditional infrastructure protection methods is inadequate to cover this data sprawl. To effectively monitor data’s whereabouts, companies need to see the full journey, they can’t rely on scanning data where it’s supposed to be and once it is at rest – they need to know where the data actually is at all times,” said CPO of Flow Security, Natia GolanFlow’s GenAI DLP provides complete data lifecycle coverage, actively preventing data leaks in real-time.

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