Global Integrity QTel protects voice, messaging, and video conversations

Global Integrity announced the newest version of the company’s secure communications solution, QTel, which offers advanced features and stronger encryption.

Global Integrity QTel

Formerly Qphone, the new QTel provides a unique approach that ensures security and privacy of all voice, messaging, and video conversations.

Combining mobile apps with a highly secure, hardened network ecosystem, QTel leverages the best peer-to-peer encryption technology designed to prevent man/machine-in-the-middle attacks. This protects all communications and information exchanged between QTel from being spoofed or compromised and eliminates eavesdropping and other external threats.

From the boardroom to conflict zones around the world, QTel has proven to supply the most secure communications. Each organization has its own unique derivation of encryption ensuring complete privacy. Unlike most apps, QTel does not collect any location data, phone numbers or anything that can be used to track an individual.

“Many vendors tout end-to-end encryption as a key component to their secure communications solutions,” explained Bill Marlow, CEO of Global Integrity. “However, there is a vast difference between ‘end-to-end’ and ‘peer-to-peer’ encryption with the former being vulnerable to intercepts and eavesdropping. Alternatively, true peer-to-peer encryption, the method used by QTel, only occurs on an endpoint device, and the decryption only occurs on the specified recipient’s system(s), thus making it harder for a nefarious third-party to access your data.”

Organizations across a range of industries are increasingly using QTel as part of their operational toolset to safeguard communications and interface with personnel in the field and remote locations. It is designed and built specifically to ensure privacy and security of communications, sensitive information, and intellectual property.

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