Stytch offers toolkit for developers to build, implement, and customize passkey-based authentication

Stytch announced its Passkeys offering, giving developers the easiest way to build, customize and maintain passkey-based authentication in their applications.

Stytch’s new solution offers a flexible, API-first approach to passkeys that abstracts the complexity of cross-platform implementation while maintaining guardrails for application and user security. Developers can now quickly and easily build a passkey experience that’s tailored to their application, without worrying about exposing security vulnerabilities or maintaining the implementation as the technology continues to evolve. As a result, applications are more reliable, scalable and secure.

Passkey adoption is rapidly accelerating industry-wide as it offers a safer and more user-friendly alternative to passwords. However, passkeys pose intricate challenges for developers during implementation, such as architecting for multiple platforms, adapting to every impacting update from those platforms, addressing account recovery and lockout issues, configuring creation settings, and managing UI complexities like autofill and syncing.

Existing passkey solutions solve some of these challenges but severely restrict the ability for developers to customize authentication logic and user interfaces (UI) to match the experience and branding of their applications. These challenges with implementing passkeys can result in a disjointed user experience and security vulnerabilities, undermining the advantages of transitioning to passwordless authentication in the first place.

“Stytch puts the power back in the hands of developers to create passkey experiences that perfectly align with their applications, unlocking the full potential of passwordless,” stated Reed McGinley-Stempel, CEO. “By abstracting the complexities of authentication and giving developers unmatched control over user experience, Stytch is now an essential component of the tech stack that’s defining the newest generation of applications.”

Stytch offers toolkit for developers to build, implement, and customize passkey-based authentication, backed by the most comprehensive, flexible identity platform. Only Stytch’s platform provides developers with the full flexibility to add passkeys to their authentication experience in the exact way they want. Stytch’s Passkeys offering:

Provides the flexibility to integrate with web & mobile SDKs or a fully composable API: Stytch handles the complexities of building and implementing passkeys from scratch, so developers can implement passkeys with confidence. Developers can build passkeys with Stytch’s frontend and mobile SDKs and leverage out-of-the-box UI components for easy implementation and setup. For building tailored passkeys solutions, developers can leverage Stytch’s API which includes features such as smart defaults for authenticator type, user verification, and discoverable credentials.

Integrates fully with Stytch’s complete suite of authentication offerings: In addition to offering passkeys, developers can leverage Stytch’s platform to offer a whole suite of authentication options – ranging from passwordless options to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to Single Sign On (SSO).

Enables migration to a more secure, passwordless future: Passkeys are proven to be more secure against breaches and phishing attempts than traditional passwords. With Stytch’s end-to-end identity platform, applications can have full protection across the entire authentication and authorization lifecycle, as well as a suite of fraud & risk tools like Device Fingerprinting to enable users to identify devices, recognize returning users, and block bots and fraudsters.

Stytch’s Passkeys developer toolkit is now available and offered at no additional cost with the Stytch platform.

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