Searchlight Cyber launches Exposure Data view in DarkIQ

Searchlight Cyber has launched a new Exposure Data view in DarkIQ, collating 450+ billion dark web data points from data breaches and malware infection to help organizations spot threats related to their business long before they trigger detection systems or firewalls.

DarkIQ Exposure Data

As soon as DarkIQ detects exposed credentials related to an organization – such as customer or staff usernames and emails – Exposure Data automatically cross-references these details against more than 450 billion recaptured data points from the clear, deep, and dark web. All compromised breach and malware-related metadata is collated into a straightforward, actionable incident overview – giving investigators a full picture of the scale and impact of the breach on their organization’s security.

Research has shown that 89% of breaches involve the use of stolen credentials to establish initial access. It is therefore vital that organizations act quickly to contain the threat when leaked credentials are identified, which requires them having all the information they need at their fingertips.

Exposure Data in DarkIQ automatically filters and structures the data for analysts, only surfacing results that are relevant to their organization to improve response times and free up resources for more complex cybersecurity issues.

The extra data points provided by DarkIQ arm security and incident response teams with vital details, including the date and source of the breach and, where available, other data that was compromised by the breach or infostealer infection.

For example, Exposure Data can include financial, medical, and personal information – right down to the victim’s marital status, political affiliation, and information about other family members (even whether they own a cat or a dog), information which could be used in a social engineering attack or to dox the individual.

Dr Gareth Owenson, CTO of Searchlight Cyber said: “The masses of breached data across the deep, dark and clear web is a threat to organizations. However, if they can identify it early, they have an opportunity to get ahead of the cybercriminals and break the attack chain. The real problem security teams are facing is not a lack of data points, but a lack of structured data that is indexed, relevant, and actionable. With these new capabilities, we are focused on making sure that the billions of unstructured data points are delivered in a helpful way, automating time-intensive processes and ensuring that security teams can take action quickly.”

Exposure Data makes it easier for organizations to defend against threats including social engineering, attacks targeted at executives and VIPs, and customer-targeted fraud. The additional data can also assist with incident response, helping security teams identify, contain, and eliminate malware infections.

These enhancements bring additional data points to Searchlight’s existing archive of the most comprehensive dark web data on the market, gathered from sources including underground forums, marketplaces, and encrypted chats, using a combination of automated technology and manual techniques in accordance with US, UK, and European laws.

The new Exposure Data panel is now available for all DarkIQ customers.

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