Malwarebytes unveils vulnerability assessment module to help users identify critical vulnerabilities

Malwarebytes announced its comprehensive vulnerability assessment module is now included in every ThreatDown bundle at no additional cost via its integrated console.

Many IT organizations are struggling with rising cybersecurity costs associated with annual vendor price increases and the necessity of adding more tools to protect against an ever-increasing attack surface.

Malwarebytes, with its portfolio of award-winning ThreatDown solutions, is taking a different approach, helping customers reduce threats, security complexity and costs by providing a free vulnerability assessment.

With a reported 26% uptick in Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) over the last five years, teams without a dedicated Security Operations Center are struggling to stay on top of key preventative measures. ThreatDown bundles simplify complex security by combining prevention, detection and remediation technology with managed security services – in a scalable platform, with one agent and one console to protect people, devices and data.

“Many IT organizations are using disparate security products that are complex, expensive and don’t easily integrate, leaving them both overwhelmed and exposed to critical vulnerabilities,” said Marcin Kleczynski, CEO, Malwarebytes.

“We’re focused on protecting our customers by making security as streamlined and easy as possible. We want all organizations to quickly understand the risks and severity of vulnerabilities in their environment, and be able to immediately take action to reduce their threat surface and prevent data breaches,” added Kleczynski.

“Organizations need to prioritize prevention and strengthen their security posture, so they are less of an exploitable target,” said Michael Suby, Research Vice President, Security & Trust, IDC. “At the same time, their budgets have limits. Spending on more prevention and posture-strengthening capabilities, whether as an additional module or another tool, may not be financially feasible. Malwarebytes eliminates this conflict between security best practices and cost by pairing vulnerability assessment with its Security Advisor dashboard for free.”

How ThreatDown Vulnerability Assessment works

ThreatDown Vulnerability Assessment allows Malwarebytes customers to identify critical vulnerabilities and prioritize actions needed before open vulnerabilities can be exploited in a cyberattack.

Providing severity and recommended actions within the Security Advisor dashboard alleviates complex processes and expedites remediation so even resource-constrained or small IT teams can stay ahead of security risks. Product highlights and benefits include:

  • Visibility to understand priority and severity of vulnerabilities: In just 60 seconds, users can understand the priority and severity of vulnerabilities in their environment. Vulnerability reports and dashboards can be shared to provide quick insights into vulnerability severity, number of endpoints impacted and more. Admins can easily prioritize which vulnerabilities to address based on the severity or exposure.
  • Protect against data breaches: Eighty percent of organizations have suffered an exploit attempt on a known vulnerability.Awareness about the risk of unpatched vulnerabilities is the first step to protection.
  • Assess and identify legacy applications: Existing vulnerabilities found in older versions of applications are the most frequent target of attackers. ThreatDown admins can now easily keep tabs on these gaps in protection.
  • Stay informed on the health of endpoints: Single, lightweight agent conserves network performance and avoids performance issues while providing a snapshot of overall security health of environment.
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