DataDome Device Check blocks bots from the first request

DataDome announced it is taking its bot protection offerings to a whole new level by enabling a new challenge response for customers, called Device Check.

This invisible challenge works behind the scenes, validating device-specific signals with proofs of work – all without prompting any visible interaction with end users.

Device Check excels in identifying even the most advanced and evasive bots right from their initial requests. Unlike traditional security measures that may only catch bots after repeated suspicious behavior, Device Check’s advanced algorithms are finely tuned to spot telltale signs of automation and malicious intent.

It analyzes device-specific signals in real-time such as requestor environment, automation framework usage, or any bot cloaking techniques, and enforces device-level proofs-of-work via JS challenges, thereby substantially increasing detection accuracy and further reducing the frequency of visual CAPTCHAs. For one early access customer, a luxury brand retailer, DataDome was able to reduce the false positive rate by an order of magnitude, thanks to Device Check’s ability to block bots from the first request.

“Bot attacks continue to grow in sophistication, and can easily mimic human behavior or circumvent CAPTCHAs. This fact, combined with user frustration over traditional CAPTCHAs, is precisely why enterprises need a new approach that pairs robust bot security with frictionless user experiences,” said Benjamin Fabre, CEO of DataDome.

“Indeed, CAPTCHAs should never be the first line of defense against bots. With Device Check, customers can now reduce the need for CAPTCHA displays even further, ensuring legitimate users’ online experiences are both secure and seamless,” added Fabre.

Device Check reinforces its strong market position with:

The most frictionless user experience: Unlike other supposedly “invisible” challenges, Device Check does not require any user display, checkbox, or user interaction before making a bad bot or human decision. And since Device Check uses distributed machine learning at the edge in 26 DataDome POPs, decisions are processed in milliseconds.

The most accurate detection: With DataDome, less than 1 in 10,000 human requests are challenged, ensuring that 99.99% of challenges are only used to thwart bots. Device Check reduces the likelihood of humans facing challenges even further by analyzing and validating device-specific signals in real-time. One customer slashed its false positive rate by an order of magnitude by blocking bots from the first request.

The highest privacy compliance: DataDome bot protection is globally privacy compliant and secures 100% of customer endpoints (mobile, web, and APIs) without negatively impacting the user experience.

Mobile app support: In contrast to alternatives, DataDome is the only solution that offers a widely deployed SDK on 500 million mobile devices so businesses can more effectively protect their mobile apps from automated bots and ensure a seamless user experience.

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