AskOmni simplifies and enhances SaaS security

AppOmni unveiled a groundbreaking advancement with the introduction of AskOmni. This AI-powered SSPM assistant developed by the AppOmni OmniScience team propels SSPM into new dimensions, simplifying security operations and issue remediation, and helping organizations secure mission-critical SaaS environments.

AskOmni simplifies administrator interaction with the AppOmni SaaS security platform with natural language queries for common SaaS security decisions. Leveraging generative AI, AskOmni serves as an assistant to busy security administrators by helping them swiftly identify and remediate issues.

Key capabilities include:

  • Rapid issue identification and remediation
  • Contextual insights through user-friendly chat interface
  • Proactive risk assessment with clear remediation advice
  • Context-aware notifications based on user permissions and access levels
  • Real-time threat intelligence for informed decision-making
  • Proficiency in handling sensitive data, including protected health information (PHI)
  • 24/7 user engagement for questions, research, and remediation support
  • Automated code generation for streamlined issue resolution

Brendan O’Connor, CEO of AppOmni, said, “AskOmni epitomizes our commitment to advancing SSPM. This first SSPM AI assistant redefines how users interact with and secure their SaaS environments, exemplifying AppOmni’s dedication to innovation and industry leadership. Our OmniScience team is harnessing the power of AI to operationally simplify SaaS security for organizations. We will continue to redefine the landscape of SaaS security, offering users unprecedented insights, proactive threat intelligence, and efficient remediation tools.”

Upon chat initiation by an administrator, AskOmni intelligently probes the environment with contextual analysis, providing comprehensive insights into identified issues. Its proactive approach assesses risks, prompting immediate action in high or critical/urgent scenarios with clear explanations.

For example, with its ability to stitch together context from disparate data points, AskOmni can notify administrators about issues caused by overprovisioning of privileges, taking into account access patterns, sensitive data, or compliance requirements, and guide them through the remediation process. Beyond typical threat notifications, AskOmni alerts administrators to new threats, explaining potential consequences and offering prioritized remediation steps.

Security administrators benefit from AskOmni’s proficiency in handling sensitive data, ensuring awareness of risks related to sensitive information, such as PHI and other critical data. Engaging with AskOmni anytime, users receive real-time insights, threat occurrences, and tailored remediation support. And when administrators require remediation code, AskOmni generates scripts tailored to their needs, streamlining the resolution process.

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