SessionGuardian Mobile delivers identity assurance and data protection for iOS mobile devices

In a bold leap towards fortifying against cyber threats, SessionGuardian unveiled its SessionGuardian Mobile software.

This solution delivers relentless identity assurance and data protection for iOS mobile devices. This offering seamlessly complements the existing SessionGuardian VDI and SessionGuardian Web.

In an increasingly remote-friendly, bring-your-own-device-friendly employment environment, the need to secure each session has never been greater. According to IBM‘s reports on data breaches, 51% of organizations plan to increase security investments as a result of a breach. The global average cost of a single breach, as per the same report, was a staggering $4.45 million.

For most enterprise organizations with dispersed, remote, or on-the-go teams, the cost of deploying SessionGuardian Mobile is a small investment when compared to the costs of a data breach and its multi-year ramifications.

By deploying SessionGuardian Mobile, organizations can elevate their defense mechanisms to unprecedented heights. SessionGuardian’s elegant design allows mobile users to effortlessly utilize the strictest security controls. SessionGuardian Mobile’s features include:

Identity assurance through:

  • Continuous facial authentication, preventing unauthorized access and shoulder surfing.
  • 3rd-party ID verification leveraging government-issued identity documents.

Data protection by:

  • Preventing screen sharing, screen capture, print, and file downloads.
  • Preventing the taking of photos of the screen with mobile phones or digital cameras.
  • Adding watermarks for enhanced security.

End-user privacy protection:

  • SessionGuardian prioritizes user privacy by neither storing nor transmitting biometric data.

Extended security visibility with:

  • Granular audit trails, alerts, and seamless SIEM integrations.

Device posture compliance by:

  • Ensuring device security, allowing connections only from approved networks, geolocations, and during approved times/days of the week.

George Marks, CEO of SessionGuardian, expressed his excitement about the launch, stating, “SessionGuardian Mobile shows our unyielding commitment to providing comprehensive identity assurance and data protection solutions. With the growing remote and hybrid workforce, we are dedicated to safeguarding users’ data access on mobile devices seamlessly.”

The release of SessionGuardian Mobile offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Seamless integration of custom security protocols across all deployment options.
  • Broadened identity assurance that goes beyond MFA and one-time checks.
  • Simplified compliance and enhanced audit processes for all identity and data-related controls.
  • Amplified data protection measures addressing potential vulnerabilities.

This release extends the coverage of SessionGuardian’s offerings to a wider remote and hybrid workforce, making Continuous Identity Assurance and Protection accessible to users worldwide.

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